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Leak of Windows 10 build 10108 shows a host of small visual tweaks

Microsoft has been showing off a number of unreleased builds for Windows 10 while exhibiting new products at Ignite 2015. Now, a new video from Winbeta.org has hit the Internet, highlighting some of the inner workings of build 10108.

The video shows that build 10108 works off of many of the features already seen in Build 10074. However, some notable changes include smoother 3D Live Tile animation and an alignment of the home options in the center of the screen.

Two previously unseen apps, AD Token Broker Plugin and Administrative Tools, also appear in the apps list. As seen in Windows 8, the 3D Builder app is also included in this most recent build. These tools are mostly meant for partners and developers, so they’ll probably be removed before this leaked build is released as a preview.

In the video, you can see small tweaks to the UI of build 10108. For instance, the Settings app’s background is now the same color as the title bar. The pill switches, which can be toggled to change various settings, are smaller in build 10108. They have also been filled in with the main color of the theme.

In terms of visuals, the “Getting Started” splash screens no longer change in color, but rather fade in and out of blue. It’s worth noting that overall, the build has a darker color theme than in previous editions, though that may simply be due to user preferences set during installation.

The right-click menu is now using the same context found in the task bar. This has been visible in past builds, but briefly disappeared. Now that it is back, there’s no telling if Microsoft intends to keep it. Similarly, experts are unsure of whether the 3D Builder app will remain in the final version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is slated to debut in July 2015, and Microsoft has been continuously making announcements on updates to the operating system on its blog.