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New Marware Cases for iPod classic and nano

One downside to Apple announcing new iPod products is that they famously don’t supply sample units to accessory markers before the products launch, so there’s always a bit of a gap between the time Apple announces new iPods and the time when cases, sports bands, and ohter add-ons hit the market.

Accessory marker Marware looks to fill that gap, announcing new cases for both Apple’s new "fat" video-capable iPod nano as well as the "classic" iPod. Left out of the equation—for the moment, at least—is the iPod touch.

Marware cases for the third-generation iPod nano include the $29.99 Sportsuit Relay, designed to accommodate the iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport kit shoe-based sensor, and the $19.99 Sportsuit Runabout which can double as both an armband and wristband. The $29.99 Sportsuit Convertible is designed to move between wrists, arms, belts, and shoulder straps, while the $9.99 Sportsuit Grip just provides a firm-gripping silicon cases with a protective film for the nano’s display, making sure the precious device doesn’t easily fly out of your hand (or off a table).

Meanwhile, Marware offerings for the new "classic" iPod line pretty much line up with previous cases for video-capable iPods, using hard plastic, neopene, and ruggedized trail-ready materials, although Marware is offering a $14.99 Sport Grip (as above) specifically for the "classic" iPod.

The new Marware cases should hit retailers in the next few weeks, although they can be ordered right now from the Marware Web site…and the company hints cases for the iPod touch might be coming along shortly.