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Clever new language-learning app lets you practice speaking with an A.I. tutor

Rype - Speak Any Language With Confidence From Day 1

Whether it’s for work or the joy of travel, plenty of people would likely enjoy being able to speak another language. But being self-conscious about making mistakes and getting judged for it can put lots of folks off. That’s where an A.I.-powered speaking lesson tool called Rype GO enters the picture.

Many popular language-learning apps are primarily built around tapping words or phrases on a screen, instead of actually speaking in real-life conversations. Unless you’re planning on busting out your Mandarin, French or Spanish in text form only, that’s not necessarily the perfect solution. Rype GO is instead built around an interface consisting of a combination of 4K video lessons and conversations that use speech-recognition technology.

“Rype GO uses A.I.-powered speaking lessons that empower you to speak any language from day one without feeling judged,” CEO Sean Kim told Digital Trends. “Our speaking lessons are designed to feel like real-life conversations you would have with a friend, a co-worker, or a native speaker you just met. Rather than feel embarrassed by asking someone to correct you, our speech recognition technology gives you real-time feedback to keep you on the right track. Our app [also] provides bite-sized, engaging video lessons that we produced in our studio that you can enjoy before your speaking lessons. Instead of learning how to say ‘pineapple,’ you’ll learn everyday relevant topics like how to talk to someone at a party, and even how to communicate with your Airbnb host.”

The app’s “immersive speaking experience” will initiate conversations based on a specific topic. You’ll have to repeat words, phrases, and sentences as you would in the real world. Answer incorrectly, and the speech recognition tech will ask you to try again. While this isn’t the only language-learning app to incorporate aspects of speech recognition-based learning, Rype GO’s creators say none make it such a central part of the overall experience.

Rype GO is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Prices start from $32 for a three-month subscription to all languages, plus 10% off lifetime access and early access to a beta version of the app. Meanwhile, $179 will get you lifetime access to a language of your choice, plus app access. Other price options are available.

As ever, we’d advise that users are aware of the potential risks involving crowdfunding campaigns. However, if you still want to get involved, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page for more information. Shipping is set to take place in January 2020.

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