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How to get into Archon’s Forge in ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – and five tips for surviving it

If you’re looking for a quick way to level up your Guardian in preparation for the upcoming raid in the newly released Destiny expansion, “Rise of Iron,” you could do worse than heading into the war-torn Plaguelands to try out the Archon’s Forge.

In the new arena challenge area, located in the lava-filled Archon’s Keep, players can join a loose group of Guardians to take down waves of enemies and earn loot. If you’re familiar with the last Destiny expansion, “The Taken King,” you may recognize “Archon’s Forge” as being similar to the Court of Oryx, an area on the Dreadnaught ship where players teamed up for quick boss fights against groups of gimmicky enemies. But Court of Oryx required a lot of strategic play, since each boss fight carried a specific requirements to complete. Archon’s Forge, on the other hand, offers more of a fast-paced free-for-all.

Especially in the early days of “Rise of Iron,” Archon’s Forge can be a bit daunting — it’s fully possible to stumble into a battle far beyond your Light level and get trampled by tough enemies, and you can’t even activate the Forge yourself until you’ve beaten the story campaign. But with a few quick tips, you can bend the Archon’s Forge to your will, and earn some great rewards.

How to Activate Archon’s Forge

You’ll find the Archon’s Forge in the Plaguelands while on Patrol — it’s the big room with the domes in it. To activate it and make enemies come fight you, you’ll need SIVA offerings. These random drops appear in your inventory, and are plugged into a console just outside the Forge itself to activate the big fight. What kind of SIVA offering you plug in affects what you’ll deal with in the battle. They come in three difficulty flavors — Fused (easiest), Enhanced (moderate) and Perfected (hard). The difficulty also aligns to the rarity of the drop.


Seemingly, you can earn SIVA Offerings from Splicer enemies in the Plaguelands. Drops seem random, although the rates seem higher when you’re killing Majors, the tougher enemies with the yellow health bars. Here’s the important thing: You can only hang on to one SIVA offering at a time, which means if you grab a common one, you’ll miss the opportunity to pick a rarer variety later.

If you want to save SIVA offerings, you can hold onto a few by spreading them out among multiple characters. Assuming you have three active characters, you can hold up to four at a time (including one in your Vault). A handy way to move them around is to transfer Offerings with apps like Ishtar Commander to save you trips back to the Tower. (Update: Looks like Bungie has killed this capability. You can still have one SIVA Offering on each character, but now you’ll have to transfer them manually, which is a pain).

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