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How to get Destiny 2’s new Witherhoard exotic weapon, and its catalyst

With Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals here, that means there’s more loot to collect. While the latest update won’t add too many new exotic weapons, the first new addition is already having a major impact on the game. Here’s how you can get Witherhoard, and its catalyst, right now.

Getting Witherhoard

Like Symmetry in Season of Dawn, Witherhoard is obtained through the new season pass. If you’ve already purchased it, that means you’ll get the gun at rank zero. Log in to the game and open up the Season tab in your director is all you need to do.

Those who don’t own the season pass will need to wait a little longer. The free tier offers Witherhoard as a reward at rank 35. You’ll need to do quite a bit of grinding if you want to get the weapon in a timely manner, so start running activities like Crucible to gain experience.

Witherhoard is a kinetic grenade launcher that packs a lot of power. It essentially fires pools of light that damage enemies over time, making it a go-to weapon in Crucible. Like all great Destiny 2 weapons, it’s bound to be nerfed eventually, so obtain it early to get in on the fun.

Destiny The Bank Job
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How to obtain Witherhoard’s catalyst

Once you get Witherhoard, head to Werner-44 in the Tower. He’ll give you a new catalyst quest called The Bank Job. This is a multistep quest that will ask you to get several grenade launcher kills across many activities. Since you just got a powerful kinetic grenade launcher, this is a good opportunity to test Witherhoard out.

First, you’ll need to collect vault keys. To do this, all you need to do is kill enemies with a kinetic or special grenade launcher. Power weapons won’t grant progress, so stick to guns like Witherhoard or Fighting Lion. You’ll only need 50 vault keys, which drop randomly after killing an enemy, so focus on activities with high enemy counts like the new Contact public event.

Destiny 2 Witherhoard
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After this step, you’ll have to complete a hefty checklist. The first objective is to get 300 Filthy Lucre. You’ll get two of these every time you complete a nightfall, match of crucible, or gambit. Fortunately, you’ll get buffs to that payout as you complete more of your season pass, so you won’t need to run 150 activities to do this. Kill two birds with one stone by running rounds of crucible or gambit to give you progress on the quest and experience toward your pass.

Next, you’ll need 300 multi-kills with a grenade launcher. Witherhoard is your weapon of choice for this, as the damaging pool can take out multiple enemies at once.

Finally, you’ll need 100 guardian kills with a grenade launcher. If you want to tackle all three steps at once, your best bet is to head into crucible so you can collect Lucre and kill Guardians.

The catalyst increases Witherhoard’s handling, and will reload it while it is holstered. The latter is a nice benefit considering the gun only fires one shot at a time. The quest will expire at the end of the season, so make sure to complete this before Beyond Light drops on September 22.

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