The 25 best weapons in ‘Destiny 2,’ and where to find them

Here's how to find the 25 best weapons in 'Destiny 2' and 'Curse of Osiris'

Destiny 2 is all about finding newer, better guns scattered throughout the solar system and across its many activities. There are a ton of great weapons already in the game, from Legendary guns you’ll find all over the place and in the Crucible, to highly-prized Exotics you can only get from special drops or completing particular quests. And then there are guns that you’ll only find in the game’s six-person Leviathan raid, and from finishing its super-tough Trials of the Nine multiplayer tournament.

Players are still digging through the huge catalog of firearms in Destiny 2 and its first expansion, Curse of Osiris, to discover which are the best, but in the meantime, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites. From spiffy Exotics with unique perks to unassuming Legendary guns that turn out to be great, here are the best weapons in Destiny 2.

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MIDA Multi-Tool

You’ll find this Destiny gun after completing the Exotic quest you pick up in Earth’s EDZ, once you’ve completed the series of Quest missions that unlock after the main story campaign is complete. A scout rifle designed for quick movement and quicker reactions, it does serious damage when you ping headshots, whether you’re running around various planets or aiming at other players in the Crucible.

MIDA Multi-Tool has two primary benefits: When you’re aiming down the sights with this gun, your radar will remain active, allowing you to see incoming threats from other directions. It also has a perk that increases your movement speed when it’s equipped, and reloads super fast after you score a precision kill. It’s great for dealing high damage from afar with hit-and-run attacks before you get away from danger that would have otherwise caught you off guard.

MIDA Mini-Tool

Complete the three post-story campaign Quest missions in the EDZ to receive MIDA Mini-Tool, as well as the quest to unlock MIDA Multi-Tool. This is a great combo weapon if you’re using the Exotic. It’s a submachine gun that dumps Energy ammo fast, which is perfect when you get into close-quarters fights where the Multi-Tool isn’t as useful. The Mini-Tool also has a super-fast reload thanks to its Lightweight Frame, so it’ll get you out of a lot of scrapes when you’re in trouble.

Equipping both MIDA guns together at the same time also gives you an additional movement bonus thanks to the MIDA Mini-Tool’s “MIDA Synergy” perk. It’s a powerful, extremely useful combination in any circumstance.

Rat King

This Exotic weapon can be a handful to unlock, mostly because you need a pal who is also either doing the Rat King quest or has already unlocked the gun in order to receive it. You’ll receive the quest when you complete the Quest line on Titan after the story unlocks. It’s presented as a series of riddles, but the gist is, you need to complete Patrols, Public Events, Crucible matches, and the Nightfall with another player using Rat King. For the Nightfall, you need to finish it with five minutes or more on the timer.

Rat King is a pretty killer sidearm, with a quick firing rate and decent stability. Notch a kill with it and hit the reload button, and it’ll make you temporarily invisible, which is great for emergencies — especially in the Leviathan raid, which is full of swarms of tough enemies. But the best perk is that the more people on your team with Rat King, the stronger it becomes when you’re together. That means if you can get three (or even six in the raid) Fireteam members all equipped with Rat King, you increase its effectiveness significantly. Needless to say, it’s worth the struggle to unlock it.

Sweet Business

Hidden among regular auto rifles in Destiny 2 are firearms that are basically miniguns, and Sweet Business is one of the coolest. Sporting a magazine of 100 rounds, it’s great for melting big enemies by dumping a ton of ammo into them. You’ll also want to deploy it on tough missions with lots of enemies, such as Nightfalls, because it’s great for firing into a crowd and leaving nothing behind.

The longer you hold down the trigger on Sweet Business, the more powerful and more stable it becomes, so it pays to pick a target (or a few) and just unload on them. It doesn’t carry too much ammo — you’ll only be able to reload it two or so times before you need to hunt for ammo — but if you pick up ammo while firing, the gun will load it directly into the magazine. With increased hip-fire stability, this means you can walk around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2, mowing things down with your minigun while grabbing spare ammo to keep the party going.

Inaugural Address

This pulse rifle comes out of the Leviathan raid, and it’s a slick weapon if you’re lucky enough to snag it. Inaugural Address is a straightforward Energy-based gun, with great handling and recoil perks. Its biggest benefit, though, is Kill Clip: Reload directly after a kill and your entire magazine will receive bonus damage. Pair it with the Outlaw perk, where you get a high-speed reload after a precision kill, and you can raise your damage pretty quickly.

Inaugural Address also has another optional perk you can choose instead of Outlaw called Ambitious Assassin, which overloads your magazine based on how many rapid kills you just got. This means that if you can quickly pick off three or four guys with one clip quickly and then reload, your Kill Clip magazine will be even larger, allowing you to deal a ton more damage to additional targets. Keep killing and you can keep the damage flowing.

Vigilance Wing

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This Exotic pulse rifle, which comes from random drops, is great for modes like Trials of the Nine, the Crucible, and Strikes where you’ll have a team beside you. Its primary bonus is that, instead of firing a three-round burst, it fires five. If you’re a precise shooter, you can wreck enemies with it, and Crucible players will go down quicker than they expect thanks to the extra two rounds hitting them in the dome.

The Fireteam perks that come with Vigilance Wing are pretty cool as well. When a team member is killed, Vigilance Wing’s Harsh Truths perk restarts your health regeneration immediately and increases your movement speed, making it great for running to get resurrect teammates. You’ll also receive increased weapon performance when your teammates are all dead with the Last Stand perk, giving you more chances to make a comeback.

Mob Justice

Another raid weapon, Mob Justice is a submachine gun that’s great for getting into the thick of things. It’s fairly stable, but it benefits from being up close and personal thanks to its fast handling speed. You’ll also move faster when aiming down the sights thanks to the Moving Target perk, so it’s built for front-line combat.

Like Inaugural Address, Mob Justice has two optional perks that put it over the top when it comes to coolness. The first is Pulse Monitor, which automatically reloads a part of your 34-round magazine when you’re critically wounded, giving you a chance to kill your killers without having to stop and reload. You can switch that perk for Ambitious Assassin, too, which overflows your magazine on reload based on how many rapid-fire kills you just racked up.

Tractor Cannon

This sci-fi shotgun fires Energy rounds and benefits from a lot of unique additions. First, its Repulsor Force perk actively pushes enemies away when you hit them, giving you a little extra distance. It also sports increased range over other shotguns, helping you continue laying down the hurt. Perks such as Particle Repeater and Composite Stock mean Tractor Cannon also has solid stability to help you deal with recoil.

When using thew Scientific Method perk, damaging enemies also increases Tractor Cannon’s speed and handling, so once you’ve committed to an attack, you’ll benefit from keeping it up.


An Exotic fusion rifle built for relentless assaults, Merciless is effective even if you aren’t the best shot in Destiny 2. It sports a bigger magazine than other fusion rifles at eight shots, and comes with a perk that increases the gun’s charge speed when you land a hit but don’t get a kill, at least until you finish your enemy. Basically, it’s built for you to keep firing until your enemy is good and dead.

Once you do get your kill, Merciless encourages you to keep going. Reload directly after a kill and the weapon’s damage will be increased right away, allowing you to go after a new target with full force. Merciless also features a high stability stat, which means you should be able to manage the recoil and adjust your aim quickly.


An Exotic hand cannon you might grab as you make your way through the main story campaign, Sunshot is a phenomenal weapon to have in your back pocket when paired with something like an auto rifle. It’s a slow-firing Energy weapon with explosive rounds, one that turns enemies killed with critical hits into Solar bombs that damage those around them.

Sunshot’s other perks are great for using it at long range, too. It has high stability, high impact, and pretty good distance, and any enemy you hit with Sunshot is highlighted so you can keep after them even if they slip behind cover. It’s a great counterpart to a fast-firing auto rifle or other close-range weapons, and useful for crowds thanks to its explosive capabilities.

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