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The best skills for each Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you level up your Vocations and character in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will earn XP and Dcp. The former will contribute to you leveling up and passively getting stronger, while the latter needs to be spent on unlocking new skills for your current Vocation. There are 10 total Vocations you can eventually unlock and use, and each one has a dozen or more skills to unlock and test out, and yet you can only use four at any given time. That’s a lot of possible skills to try out and potentially waste your DCP on. Instead, we’ll help you min-max your build right from the start by recommending the best skills you should get for each and every Vocation in the game.

Best skills

A Mystic Spearhand attacks enemies in Dragon's Dogma 2.

The best skill will vary for each Vocation based on what role they are most suited to in combat. Some skills can be upgraded to better versions as you level up your Vocation, so check back in the skills menu every so often to make sure you’re using the best version available.


Airward Slash — Fighters are limited in range, but Airward Slash gives you an option to at least attempt to attack flying enemies with this leaping strike.

Gouging Skewer — Great for targets of all sizes, this move has you impale your sword into an enemy and mercilessly assail them. If it is done against a large foe, you also automatically grab onto them.


Torrent Shot — This move makes you immobile but fires off a near-constant stream of arrows at an increasing rate as you tap the button.

Exploding Shot — If you like sticky bombs in other games, this is effectively that. You fire off an arrow that sticks to whatever it hits and explodes either after a short time or if it is attacked. Great for knocking down unstable enemies.


Levin – Call down bolts of lightning to smite your foes! You can keep the cast going with more strikes at the cost of stamina. A great ranged attack that deals high damage.

Halidom – This spell creates a zone that cures caught fire, frostbite, unconscious, sleep, silence, drenched, and tarred. This will save you a ton of grief and consumables.


Powder Blast — After scaling a massive beast, or getting yourself surrounded by smaller mobs, plant a bomb and detonate it when the time is right for great effect. Also handy for exploring and clearing breakable objects in the world.

Gut and Run — Use this skill after climbing up and reaching a big foe’s weak point to get a guaranteed critical strike before leaping clear. Works best against weak points if you can find and reach it, but deadly either way.


Surging Strike — Take your massive sword, leap high into the air, and slam it down with this devastating skill. As you would expect, the higher elevation you can perform this move from, the more damage it will do.

Savage Lash — When you need one, big hit to finish things off, go for the Savage Lash. This charges us one massive strike that can melt an enemy’s HP if you time it right.


Thundermine — You’re very vulnerable while casting since you can’t move, so toss out a Thuindermine to keep you safe. it will act as a little turret to zap any enemy who gets close.

Decanter – All magic users have low HP by default, so a spell that steals an enemy’s life is a win-win. You can drain an enemy for as long as you have the stamina.

Mystic Spearhand

Devout Offringe — This is the upgraded version of the Humble skill which lets you levitate an object and toss it at the nearest enemy but has better range. A great compliment to a mostly melee-range Vocation.

Mirour Vesture – Whenever you see a massive attack coming but don’t have time to avoid it, cast Mirour Vesture to create a temporary barrier that completely negates any damage.

Magick Archer

Irridant Orb — Shoot a glob of fire onto an enemy for continuous burning damage that may also cause the target to catch fire. This is a great way to add passive DPS to tanky enemies.

Vimtaking — Your Pawns will be taking most of the damage with this Vocation so keep them healthy with this skill that saps enemy health and gives it to your pawns.


Aromatic Rally — This is a simple but powerful attack buff for all your Pawns, and it can even keep them going when their HP hits zero. It does drain their health, however.

Delusory Screen — Build a trap by summoning a wall to block enemies and funnel them, or just sneak by unnoticed.


The Warfarer can learn skills from any other Vocation, so mix and match any from this list to make the ultimate build!

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You can pick from 4 Vocations at the start of Dragon's Dogma 2, but will end up with a total of 10 by the end of the game if you unlock them all. New Vocations are unlocked by completing quests, but they are almost unmissable. Four Vocations -- the Magick Archer, Mystic Spearhand, Trickster, and Warfarer -- can only be used by your character and not any Pawns.
There's very little downside to being a jack-of-all-trades in Dragon's Dogma 2, which is exactly what the Warfarer is. This is the only Vocation that can use any weapon in the game AND learn any skill from other Vocations. This is the only Vocation that really lets you build whatever class you want and gives you the ability to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. The main downside to this class is it has the lowest base stats, but that is a small price to pay for how versatile you can be.
Mystic Spearhand
Hybrid Vocations are all quite powerful, but we put the Mystic Spearhand at the top of the heap. This class turns you into a fighter that can take advantage of magic to output crazy damage. The two almost overpowered abilities you get here are the ability to slow enemies for a short time and to create a magical mimic that doubles all your actions. It is great for both crowd control and large single targets, but takes a while to unlock and lacks some range.
If you're going to be a straight-up melee fighter, you might as well hit with the biggest weapon you can, right? The Warrior swings swords large enough to make Guts blush and is a full-on tank. You won't be doing anything fancy with this vocation beyond charging up and swinging as hard as possible. The obvious drawback is any flying or ranged enemy will counter you, so bring some Pawns in those classes to cover your bases.
For those who fancy themselves a pure mage, stick to the Sorcerer over the actual Mage vocation. While the Mage is more focused on healing, it is the Sorcerer who gets the best offensive spells you will want to be casting. If you have a second Sorcerer with you, you can even sync up and decrease your casting time. If not, you will need some tanks to take aggro while you deal with some slightly long casting times and low total health.
As far as the starting Vocations go, the Thief is the one we find the most fun and viable for the entire game. This is a light and speedy build focused on critical hits and being able to climb and hang on to large beasts. Once on, you have a number of great skills to stagger and knock down an enemy so the rest of your squad to gang up on it. Just don't get hit because you're one of the squishier Vocations.

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