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How to get Destiny 2’s new Devil’s Ruin exotic weapon

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is still in full swing, with each week bringing something new to the game. The game’s latest update brings an exciting new exotic weapon to the game in the form of Devil’s Ruin. This new sidearm is entirely unique, introducing a perk that lets it fire both single shots and a high-powered laser. 

Unlike recent exotic side quests like Leviathan’s Breath, the Devil’s Ruin quest is extremely short and simple. Here’s what you’ll need to do to add it to your collection.

Complete a Sundial run

When you first log in, you’ll get a notification about the weapon. The pop-up will tell you to go to the Sundial and defeat champions. To start the quest, head to Mercury and complete a run of The Sundial. While the latest update also adds a new Legend difficulty for The Sundial, you’ll only have to do this on the normal difficulty to complete this step. You don’t actually have to worry about defeating a certain amount of champions here; just complete a run like normal to progress.

Once you finish the run, interact with the terminal next to the Sundial. You’ll see an exotic timelost quest for Devil’s Ruin, which you can pick up. Grab that and you’re already halfway there.

Collect frame parts

Once you have the quest, head to the Tower and speak to Saint-14. He will send you out to Twilight Gap to collect 10 weapon parts. When you open your director, you’ll see a new mission called Parts Long Lost on the EDZ. Select that and you’ll load into the Twilight Gap Crucible map for a mission.

All you have to do here is walk around the map and collect 10 frame parts scattered throughout. As you walk around, you’ll see robotic bodies strewn around the map, which have the Crucible logo on their chest. Interact with one and you’ll get a part.

Here’s where you’ll find each, with reference to the map’s zone layout in the Crucible’s control mode.

  1. Look behind the rock in the starting zone where you load in.
  2. Jump on top of the metal rail on your right from where you load in.
  3. Go to zone B and look for the crate just next to it.
  4. From there, jump over to the building under zone C and look at the wall next to the stairwell.
  5. Go to zone C and head into the red-tinted room next to it. You’ll find a robot slumped near a small stairwell at the bottom of the room.
  6. Go to zone A and look behind the large structure near the capture zone.
  7. From there, walk to the opposite side of zone A and turn to your left. You’ll find one in the corner of the next room.
  8. Jump up to the higher level and you’ll find one lying in the open container.
  9. From there, head to the room between zones A and C and you’ll find one slumped next to a container.
  10. Jump down to the lower level and you’ll find the last one laid out on the floor.

Once you’ve found every frame part, the weapon will automatically appear in your inventory without needing to talk to anyone. It’s an incredibly simple quest that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete, so jump in and knock this out if you want a new exotic weapon for little work. 

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