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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Leviathan’s Breath exotic weapon quest

Destiny 2 has done a great job at slowly rolling out new content following its most recent Shadowkeep expansion. Weekly updates have brought new activities, events, and exotic weapons. The latest addition to the game is the Make Bows, Not War quest, which gives you a new heavy bow that can cause some serious damage. Here’s everything you need to do to get this shiny new toy.

Step 1: Find Banshee-44’s Workshop

Banshee Workshop Location

If you’re a Season of the Undying pass holder, you’ll get a notification about a new quest when you first log in. To kick things off, head over to Banshee-44 (the gunsmith) in the Tower. He’ll task you with finding his hidden workshop, which can be incredibly tricky to find on your own.

To start, head over to the Hangar in the Tower. Once you get into the Hangar, turn to your left and look up at the building that houses Future War Cult. You’ll notice a path above it, which is where you need to go. Turn to your right and go all the way up the staircase on the wall. Follow the catwalk over to the FWC building. You’ll need to hop the railing and jump over to the one on the back wall.

From here, you’ll go through a little maze of hidden rooms in the Tower. Luckily, it’s pretty linear, so just keep crawling through vents and going from room to room. At some point, you’ll reach what looks like a dead-end in a room with 2 big shelves. Look above them and you’ll see an opening in the ceiling. There’s a box near one of the shelves, so hop on that and vault your way into the hole.

You’ll eventually come to a hallway with some fans in it. Run to the end, where you’ll find a small vertical platforming section. Finally, you’ll enter Banshee’s Workshop. Head over to the weapons case across from you and try to open it. Unfortunately, it’s locked. Hang your head low and return to Banshee-44 for the next step.

Step 2: Play Gambit or Complete Strikes

To crack the weapons case lock, you’ll need to do a bunch of activities because, well, it’s Destiny. To start, you’ll need to either complete Gambit matches or do strikes. Gambit Prime and Nightfalls will both grant more quest progress here.

If you’re particularly great at Gambit, 4 wins are all you need. Otherwise, loses only grant you 10% progress. The fastest method is to simply run 2 Nightfalls. Do that and you’ll move on to your next lesson in safecracking.

Step 3: Kill Vex or Cabal With Precision Bow Shots

Now, you’ll need to kill a bunch of Vex or Cabal with precision bow shots in any activity. Equip a bow and head to an area that’s densely populated with Vex or Cabal. I went to Nessus for this, landing over at Watcher’s Grave. Vex tend to hang around the barge, plus there’s a Vex public event that can spawn there as well.

Any bow will do, but you might want to avoid using Trinity Ghoul. That exotic bow shoots a split shot, which can accidentally hit enemies near the one you’re aiming at with non-precision shots. Each enemy grants about 3% progress, so just pick an area where there aren’t many guardians to thwart your efforts and you’ll get this done quickly.

Step 4: Defeat The Arms Dealer

Now, you’ll need to do a special version of the Arms Dealer quest, which appears at a recommended power level of 900. Head to the EDZ and load into the strike. This is tougher than your average strike. In this version, both melee hits and elemental shots from enemies will deal more damage. Plus, enemies have more health and can’t be staggered due to Iron.

Things will get especially hard in the boss room, but the best strategy is to be overly cautious. Gladiators will usually kill you in one hit if they get to you, and there’s a ton of elemental damage flying. Keep your distance, focus on ads, and keep moving to vanquish the Arms Dealer.

Step 4: Return to the Workshop

Banshee's Secret Workshop

Head back to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 once more. Now take your newly made key all the way back to the secret workshop (follow the directions in Step 1 if you’ve forgotten where it is) and interact with the weapons case to unlock it. Pick up Leviathan’s Breath and get ready to deal some damage.

As we mentioned, this is a unique bow because it’s technically a power weapon. The bow takes much longer to draw, but the shot staggers unshielded enemies and is strong against Unstoppable Champions, making this a great pick for PVE activities.

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