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The best weapons in Remnant 2

While your own personal skill can compensate for a weak weapon in most Souls-like games, including Remnant 2, it is never fun to spend way longer than you need to in fights because you can’t output enough damage. Unlike most traditional games in the genre, Remnant 2 features a heavy emphasis on firearms, though there still are plenty of viable melee options. Despite guns not typically having a ton of stats, these have just as many variables to consider for your build as any Dark Souls weapon does, not to mention how it changes with upgrades. Some weapons can be bought, but most you will find and craft by exploring the ever-changing world and completing quests. No one wants to waste precious materials investing in a gun that ends up being useless by the endgame. So, where are the best weapons worth your time in Remnant 2?

Cube Gun

A description of the cube gun in Remnant 2.

This handgun is easily one of the most powerful you will find in Remnant 2. It is a special weapon, meaning it comes with a mod called Cube Shield, hence the name of this gun. By default, the Cube Gun deals 15 damage, shoots at 7.5 RPS, and has a magazine size of 5 which is all very strong for this weapon type. The mod, however, is why this gun earns its spot on this list. By using Cube Shield, you will create a shield around your character for 15 seconds and absorbs up to 800 damage at level 1. If that wasn’t strong enough, if you activate the mod a second time while active, it will send the shield out as a projectile to deal damage to any enemy it hits, with the more damage it has absorbed until then adding to the damage it deals.

You can craft the Cube Gun with McCabe for 1 Conflux Prism, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.


A closeup of the nightfall rifle in Remnant 2.
Gearbox / Gearbox

Long Guns will be most players’ primary weapon in Remnant 2, and Nightfall blows nearly all others in its class out of the water. Base damage starts at 31, with a nice 5 RPS, and magazine size of 10. When you activate this weapon’s Dreadwalker mod, though, you can forget about those base stats. Dreadwalker gives Nightfall infinite ammo and turns it into a fully automatic rifle with 35% faster fire rate, and 10% lifesteal. This all lasts for 10 seconds, which is more than enough time to take down whatever normal mobs are around or put some serious pain on a boss.

You can craft Nightfall at McCabe with 1 Cursed Dream Silks, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.


A character looking at crafting a gun in Remnant 2.
Gearbox / Gearbox

Swapping back to the handguns, we highly recommend Enigma as an alternative to the Cube Gun. Enigma deals far more damage, starting at 22, but only 4 RPS. As with all weapons, it’s in the mod that Enigma goes from just a good way to deal damage to a powerhouse. Chaos Driver shoots electrical spikes into enemies that chain lightning between them (within 10m) to inflict 20 shock damage per second for 10 seconds. And that’s just how much damage they take from the tether. The spikes alone deal 50 shock damage per second, with each additional spike you hit a target with dealing 25% more damage. Used correctly, this gun can melt groups in seconds.

Make your Enigma at McCabe with 1 Cipher Rod, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.


The Dreamcatcher melee weapon stats.
Gearbox / Gearbox

For our first melee pick, we want to look at the Dreamcatcher for its great crowd-control abilities. It starts off dealing 58 damage in a nice, big arc that can hit multiple enemies at once. Deamcatcher’s mod, Dreamwave, activates whenever you deal 250 damage with it. When it triggers, your next charge attack will shoot out a wave 20m ahead before it returns. Anything hit by it will be slowed for 10 seconds, plus gives you one stack of reverie for every enemy hit. Each stack gives you a 2% damage and speed buff for 15 seconds.

You can’t make Dreamcatcher but instead need to get it in the Asylum in Losomn by feeding the Nightweaver’s Web the Nighweaver Stone Doll.


While this gun may not be the end-all-be-all its name suggests, it does come close. Stats-wise, it is a little unimpressive with 15 damage and 7.2 RPS. As always, the real story lies in the mods. Beta Ray marks one target for 30 seconds with the Branded status. When a Branded enemy dies, they leave behind that brand which, when you either reload or change weapons, detonates dealing a massive 225 damage. You can brand the same enemy up to three times, each adding 50% more damage, plus any enemies you kill with it will refund between 5% and 15% ammo and mod power to your gun.

You can get your own Alpha/Omega from McCabe with 1 Forgotten Memory, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.


Our last pick is another handgun with a very unique ability. To get the stats out of the way, Nebula comes with a really low 12 damage compensated somewhat by a nice 8 RPS and 55 bullet magazine size. The mod, which is what we’re all here for, is Nano Swarm. When you activate this ability, you will launch a cloud of nanomachines that home in on enemies and continuously deal 6 acid damage with each hit for 15 seconds.

Make one at McCabe with 1 Spiced Bile, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.

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