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Saint-14 is Destiny 2’s surprise vendor. Here’s what his quests unlock

Ever since Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn launched, fans have been unraveling the story of Saint-14 and speculating about where it would lead. We got an answer today, as Saint-14 has made an unannounced, surprise landing in the Tower alongside a routine Friday update. 

To find him, head to the hangar, to your left from where you spawn in on the Tower. Head straight forward past Amanda Holiday, and a new destination marker will appear. Speak to Saint-14 and you’ll get a short bit of dialogue explaining why he’s decided to settle on the Tower.

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Importantly, if you haven’t gotten Perfect Paradox and finished the Saint-14 story already, you’ll want to get those done to unlock him.

Saint-14 comes bearing three quests, one of which unlocks the long-speculated Earth obelisk. Here’s what you can expect from Saint-14’s quests, and what rewards they’ll give you.

Tribute to the Colonies

This quest is going to send you all around the galaxy, completing objectives on different planets. The first step here is simple enough: kill 100 enemies on Titan. Next, you’ll go to Nessus, where you’ll have to kill 100 enemies, complete a patrol, and complete two public events. One heroic public event will count as two, so try to activate a heroic to save some time here. Finally, you’ll need to do the same thing on the EDZ: 100 enemies, one patrol, two public events.

The rewards here aren’t exciting, unless you’re a completionist. You’ll complete a triumph in your book, and you’ll receive a tribute which can be placed near Saint-14, much like gold statues that you place in Nessus’ Tribute Hall.

A Guardian’s Duty

For this quest, all you need to do is complete eight crucible, gambit, or vanguard bounties. If you’re looking to double up your quests here, your best bet is to load up with vanguard bounties and complete them while killing the enemies needed to clear Tribute to the Colonies.

When you complete this quest, you’ll unlock Saint-14’s bounties. So far, his bounties are basic, prompting you to do things like kill Fallen or defeat enemies with solar energy. When you complete these, you’ll get fractaline harvests, which can be used to upgrade your obelisks. Fractalines can be a little hard to come by, so these bounties provide a stable source of them, as well as XP to help you with your Season Pass.


For the Cornerstone quest, all you have to do is kill ten powerful Vex, Cabal, and Fallen. If you’re focusing on the tribute to the Colonies quest, you’ll naturally knock this out through public events, so just focus on completing that and this one will fall into place.

Cornerstone is the most important quest Saint-14 offers, as completing it will unlock the Tower obelisk. The main feature of this obelisk is that it allows you to link and unlink all of your other obelisks directly from the Tower. That means you don’t have to travel from planet to planet to switch your links. To do this, you’ll need to complete a quest for each obelisk, which has you completing timeslot weapon bounties on each planet. Doing this will synchronize each obelisk to the Tower.

The obelisk also offers a pair of new consumables. Timeslot Friends increases the progression of timeslot weapon bounties by 10% for four hours. That will run you ten polarized fractalines and 10,000 glimmer. Fractaline Skimmer “drastically” increases your chance at receiving fractalines from playlist activities. This only costs 5,000 glimmer and you’ll be able to buy up to  six per week, per account.

Like the other obelisks, the one on the Tower also has timeslot weapon bounties. You’ll be able to obtain Trophy Hunter (sniper), Pyroclastic Flow (rocket launcher) and Perfect Paradox (shotgun) through these. So, if you wanted a different roll on the Perfect Paradox you received during the Saint-14 quests, you can use this to grind for a new one.

At the moment, it’s unclear what Saint-14’s purpose on the Tower is, though fans are already speculating that he’ll tie into Trials of Osiris when (and if) that activity finally returns.

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