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Destiny 2 ‘Completing An Impossible Task’: All transponder and ghost locations

When Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn launched, we received a new story involving the legendary Titan, Saint-14. While that quest rewarded players with the Perfect Paradox shotgun, it didn’t close out the story. Now, the next chapter in Saint-14’s story is available, bringing a new story mission and a bit of location hunting.

Once you’ve completed the An Impossible Task quest, you’ll be able to grab this new quest from Osiris on Mercury. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to save Saint-14.

Step 1: Plant transponders

First, you’ll need to go to Nessus and plant six transponders around the planet. Basically, you’ll find circles around Nessus where you’ll plant an item, similar to quests where you plant patrol beacons. Your map will be marked with X’s showing where each is, however some can still be a bit of a pain to find. Here’s where to find each one.

Exodus Black

Destiny 2 Transponder 1

For the X in Exodus Black, load into that landing zone and immediately turn around and look up. You’ll notice that you can jump up to the raised rock structure next to you. Climb up there and you’ll see the EDZ’s obelisk. Jump across to the raised rock structure next to it, and you’ll find the transponder location

The Hollows

Destiny 2 Transponder 2

For the X in the Hollows, load in to the Artifact’s Edge landing zone and head towards the X on your map. You’ll jump onto a well and find yourself in an area where public events can occur. When you go to the X, you’ll find a big pillar there. You’ll need to climb to the top of it, jumping on the rock next to the pillar to get high enough. Get to the top and you’ll find another transponder point overlooking the public event space. 

South Watcher’s Grave

Destiny 2 Transponder 3

For the X in the southernmost part of Watcher’s Grave, simply spawn in to Watcher’s Grave and run to the public event space there. You’ll find the transponder point tucked away on the ground near the edge of the arena. 

North Watcher’s Grave

Destiny 2 Transponder 4

For the X in the northernmost part of Watcher’s Grave, you’ll need to jump through the Vex portal that appears near the barge. Once you’re teleported to a new area, follow the path forward until you reach the X location on your map. You’ll find the spot at the edge of a room that looks out at the sky outside. 

The Tangle

Destiny 2 Transponder 5

The X in The Tangle is the one that might give you the most trouble. If you go straight to the X, you won’t find anything there. Instead, you want to get on your sparrow and drive down the lower sloping path right next to you. Drive down and you’ll eventually come across an opening in the wall. Continue through this cave and it’ll eventually snake you back around so you’re right under the X on your map. Jump across the gap in this room and you’ll find the transponder location right where the X appears. 

The Cistern

Destiny 2 Transponder 6

Finally, fast travel to The Cistern landing zone and head towards the X. You’ll need to cross the electric ocean, so jump on your sparrow and zoom across it. You’ll find a lone platform behind the area’s big central structure. Plant the transponder to complete this step.

Step 2: Find Saint-14’s ghost

Now you’ll need to find Saint-14’s ghost, which is also on Nessus. Again, an X will appear on your map showing you where to go, but you’ll need to do some spatial reasoning to hunt it down.

Fast travel to The Cistern landing zone and head forward while hanging a right. Eventually you’ll come across a little hole in the wall. Head through that opening and head into the Pools of Luminance. Continue forward until you reach the X on your map. An objective marker will appear on screen. Jump up to the glowing Vex object and interact with it to open a portal. Another objective marker will appear on a wall, which you can jump through. Interact with the ghost in this room to complete this step.

Step 3: Defeat guardians, get super kills, collect orbs of light

Head back to Osiris and he’ll give you a classic Destiny checklist to complete. To complete this step, you’ll need to kill 25 guardians, get 25 super kills, and collect 25 orbs of light. Head to the crucible to clean up the guardian kill portion of this, and then do the rest in the PVE activity of your choice.

When we did this, we were able to complete the orbs of light step without actually picking up 25 orbs. It seems that either other guardians picking up your orbs will count, or other guardians in your server grabbing orbs counts. We simply spent some time in the public EDZ area, and eventually found that the step was completed. 

Destiny 2 Saint-14

Step 4: Corridors of Time Part 2

Once you’ve completed the checklist, head back to Osiris on Mercury. After you speak with him, head over to the panel on your right and interact with it to start a 900 power level mission.

Like Corridors of Time Part 1, you’ll have to travel through some Vex infested areas and fight a big boss. For this fight, you’ll damage the giant Vex boss until he becomes immune. At that point, a sub-boss will spawn in. Kill that, pick up the charge it drops, and dunk it at the objective marker to bring the main boss back. Repeat this three times and you’ll complete the fight to see a cool cutscene.

This can be a hard battle, but there’s no darkness here, so you can die as many times as you want without losing progress. Bring some friends in if you want it to go quicker, but you’ll be able to solo this without issue with enough patience.

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