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How to find Saint-14 and the Perfect Paradox shotgun in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

In the build up to Destiny 2’s new Season of Dawn, Bungie revealed that the season would have a narrative revolving around the legendary Titan Saint-14. During the new season, you’ll meet Saint-14 and obtain his shotgun, Perfect Paradox. However, these story beats are a bit hidden at first, requiring you to get through a series connected quest lines rather than proper story missions. If you’re looking for Season of Dawn’s “campaign,” here’s everything you need to know to get Perfect Paradox and meet Saint-14.

Step 1: Complete A Matter of Time

To start, you’ll need to complete the A Matter of Time quest, which you receive from Ikora Rey when booting up the game. You can check out our guide for A Matter of Time, which explains how to unlock The Sundial activity on Mercury.

Once you finish your first Sundial run, speak to Osiris to complete the quest. Now, back out and speak to him again. He’ll have three new missions for you to pick up, including one that lets you activate the Mars obelisk. To follow the story, pick up the Recovering The Past quest. You may experience a slight bug here where you’ll pick up one of the three quest and the other two no longer appear. If that happens, just exit the conversation with Osiris and speak to him again.

Destiny 2 Perfect Paradox

Step 2: Recovering The Past

There are two steps to this quest. First, you’ll need to get 100 shotgun kills and 25 kills with melees. The quest specifies melee “abilities,” however it appears that regular melees count towards this. Go about your usual PVE routines and take out enemies with shotguns and punches to complete this.

After that, you’ll need to complete The Pyramidion strike and collect collect five weapon enhancers. These items can be obtained by completing strikes, Crucible matches, or Gambit matches. You’ll get one for completing The Pyramidion, so you may as well run that first to kill two birds with one stone. Run your activity of choice a few times after that until you have enough weapon enhancers.

Once you do that, speak to Osiris and he’ll give you two things: Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox, and a Perfect Paradox of your own. Stow Saint-14’s away, as you’ll be delivering it to him in the next quest. 

Destiny 2 Corridors of Time

Step 3: An Impossible Task

Once you receive Perfect Paradox, speak to Osiris again and he’ll have another quest for you, An Impossible Task. To start, you’ll need to gather Vex parts on Mercury, Io, and Nessus. To do this, you’ll need to travel to each planet and head to the five X’s that pop up on each map. When you go to each location, you’ll see a floating Vex cube. Shoot those and you’ll collect the part. 

A few of these can be tricky to find. While many of these just require some eagle-eyed observations, some will require a little more spatial awareness. For example, you’ll need to head into the Circle of Bones lost sector to find one of Io’s Vex parts. Meanwhile on Mercury, you’ll need to snipe the rightmost part down from across a chasm. Otherwise, follow the X’s and you’ll usually find the boxes tucked into ledges or floating above you.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to kill a lot of Vex. The quest says that you’ll need to collect 25 Vex Cores by defeating challenging Vex (Vex with yellow bars) and collect 50 Radiolarian Fluids by killing any Vex with precision shots. Obviously, you can double up here by killing challenging Vex with precision kills when possible. Hang out at Vex-dense areas like Mercury or Watcher’s Grave on Nessus and pick away at Vex until this is complete.

Speak to Osiris again and he’ll give you a proper story mission, Corridors of Time Part 1. To start this, interact with the Sundial terminal next to Osiris. At the start of the mission, you’ll keep entering round rooms filled with Vex. You don’t need to kill anything here; just look for an open, glowing door every time you enter and head into it to progress. Once you’re through that, you’ll need to wipe out some enemies to open a big, glowing gate that leads to Saint-14.

The encounter ends with a big boss fight between you and two elite enemies, a Servitor and a Tank. The Servitor shields the tank from damage, so focus your fire on that first. Once the Tank’s shield is down, destroy it like any other tank. There are tons of enemies that spawn here, but fortunately the room is not a darkness zone, so there’s no fear of wiping.

Finish the fight, and interact with Saint-14 to give him his shotgun. That’s the end of his story for now, or at least until part two drops later this season.

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