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Fortnite chapter 3 guide: Season 2, week 2 quests and how to complete them

It’s week 2 of Fortnite chapter 3, season 2, which means a brand new set of challenges await. For this week, you’ll need to visit various locations around the map to collect items, and you’ll need to get your hands on specific weapon types to deal damage. Many of the quests are tied to the game’s various new features, so you’ll want to be familiar with them before attempting to complete some of these challenges.

These are the new quests for chapter 3, season 2, week 2, and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Season 2, week 2 quests

  • Visit Sanctuary, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern (3)
  • Travel 300 meters in a tank (300)
  • Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a vending machine (1)
  • Destroy structures using remote explosives (25)
  • Deal shotgun damage to opponents within five seconds of sprinting (200)
  • Damage opponents with an Exotic weapon (150)
  • Collect a weapon while sliding (1)

Season 2, week 2 quest guide

Visit Sanctuary, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern (3)

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re having trouble, we recommend attempting the quest in a Team Rumble match so you can respawn if you’re eliminated early. There are also vehicles at Tilted Towers, so it might be best to hit this location first. Remember, this quest is cumulative, so you don’t need to visit all three locations in one match.

Travel 300 meters in a tank (300)

Map of Tank locations in Fortnite.

The hardest part about this challenge is finding a tank, but thankfully, the map above shows each location on the island. They have set spawns, so head to whichever one is safest, and drive around in the tank to reach 300 meters traveled. This quest is cumulative, so if you don’t manage to travel 300 meters in one match, you can pick up where you left off in another game.

Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a vending machine (1)

Map of Vending Machines in Fortnite.

There are several different Vending Machines around the map, so pick whichever one you’d like and be sure to set aside 50 gold bars to spend on the Rare weapon. You don’t actually need to use the weapon — simply buying it will do the trick!

Destroy structures using remote explosives (25)

This one will probably take you the longest since remote explosives aren’t too common. To make this go as smoothly as possible, we recommend getting your hands on around six remote explosives, which can be found inside chests or as floor loot around the map. Then, visit a house or other large indoor structure and place the remote explosives all around the interior (and exterior if you have enough). Stand back and detonate them to cause destruction — hopefully, you will have destroyed 25 structures.

Deal shotgun damage to opponents within five seconds of sprinting (200)

This challenge is a lot easier than it sounds. You need to first get your hands on a shotgun, so make sure you loot thoroughly to find one. Then, either locate an enemy player or NPC and sprint around them. Stop sprinting, shoot the enemy with the shotgun, and repeat the process until you’ve caused 200 damage. If you get eliminated early, you can pick up where you left off in a separate match. Try to aim for the head to deal as much damage as possible.

Damage opponents with an Exotic weapon (150)

Map of NPCs at Camp Cuddle in Fortnite.

There are four possible NPC spawns on the north side of Camp Cuddle, each of whom sells an Exotic weapon for 400 gold bars. Head to this location and find an NPC to buy an Exotic weapon from. After that, you need to deal 150 damage to opponents with that weapon. If you’re having trouble, you can shoot enemy NPCs — such as the ones at Command Cavern — or even Loot Sharks to make this one easier.

Collect a weapon while sliding (1)

Thankfully, the final quest is an easy one. Play until you see a weapon on the ground, then back up and run towards it. Before you reach the weapon, use the slide feature and then interact with it just as you slide overtop. The slide mechanic lasts for a long time, so you should have plenty of opportunities to pick up a weapon while the animation takes place.

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