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Fortnite chapter 3 guide: Season 3, week 2 quests and how to complete them

The latest set of Fortnite quests is live, this time for chapter 3, season 3, week 2. You’ll find this new batch of objectives to be a little trickier than before, but thankfully, none of them are too difficult. You’ll need to visit specific spots on the map, utilize new mechanics introduced alongside season 3, and get eliminations with specific weapon types.

Here, we’ll go over all the new quests, with guides for completing all of them in Fortnite.

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Season 3, week 2 quests

  • Boost Into a Runaway Boulder and Dislodge it With a Baller (1)
  • Eliminate Enemy Players with Ranged Weapons of Epic Rarity or Better (2)
  • Enter the Wind Tunnel in a Baller at The Screwballer (1)
  • Headshot Opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun (5)
  • Launch Into the Air Using Geysers (3)
  • Pick Weeds Around Reality Saplings (5)
  • Swing 50 Meters or More with the Grapple Glove Without Touching the Ground (10)

Season 3, week 2 quest guide

Boost Into a Runaway Boulder and Dislodge it With a Baller (1)

Map of Ballers and boulder in Fortnite.

Kicking things off is a tricky one, but we’ve got an easy method for completing it. First, head to Rave Cave and grab a Baller from the inside of the bear’s head. Then, you’ll want to roll over to the nearest Runaway Boulder indicated by the red circle on the map above. It’s a massive rock sitting atop a hill. Once you get there, latch onto it with the grapple, and then use your boost to ram into it. The boulder will then fall, and you’ll earn credit for completing the quest.

Eliminate Enemy Players with Ranged Weapons of Epic Rarity or Better (2)

This is one that might take a little luck to complete since it’s dependent on the weapon rarity you come across. If you utilize the Reality Sapling to grow your own items, you’re bound to come across a weapon of Epic rarity or higher. Otherwise, you’ll want to just loot as much as possible to come across a ranged weapon. These are weapons like snipers, assault rifles, and the new DMR. After you have your hands on one, you need to eliminate two players with it, which shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you coordinate with a team.

Enter the Wind Tunnel in a Baller at The Screwballer (1)

For this challenge, you’ll need to land at Rave Cave — specifically, aiming toward the inside the bear’s head, where you’ll find a Baller. These are spherical vehicles that can be used to zip around and onto the Screwballer roller coaster. Once you’ve found one, drop off the west side and you’ll see a yellow wind tunnel that you can zip up to while inside the Baller.

Headshot Opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun (5)

Map of wolves in Fortnite.

For this one, you’ll want to land at a spot with lots of loot, such as Tilted Towers or The Daily Bugle, to find the Two-Shot Shotgun. Now, you can certainly earn credit for this one by dealing damage to real players, but some users have reported a bug with this particular quest that fails to track progress, even if you land a shot point-blank to the head. This will likely get patched, but if you’re having trouble landing your shots on real players or if you don’t get credit, we recommend trying another method. You can actually earn progress by performing headshots on wolves, making it much easier. You can find wolves all around The Daily Bugle, as shown on the map above. This one is cumulative as well, meaning you don’t have to earn all five shots in one match.

Launch Into the Air Using Geysers (3)

Map of Geysers in Fortnite.

Geysers are new this season, and as you’d expect, they can be used to launch yourself into the air. You’ll find plenty of them along the western side of the map, so land there and use three Geysers to complete this challenge. Simply walk over them while they’re erupting to launch yourself into the air.

Pick Weeds Around Reality Saplings (5)

Map of Reality Falls in Fortnite.

This one will come naturally if you’ve been utilizing the Reality Sapling feature, which was added alongside season 3. To get you up to speed, you need to collect Reality Seeds from Reality Falls, and then plant the Seed to sprout a tree. This will turn into a Reality Tree that bears various items, but you have to wait until a few matches have passed to collect the loot. As the tree grows, you’ll need to pick the weeds around it, maintaining the tree across various matches. Pick five weeds and you’ll complete this challenge. It’s best to plant the Reality Sapling in a distant area so you’re less likely to encounter enemy players.

Swing 50 Meters or More with the Grapple Glove Without Touching the Ground (10)

Map of Grapple Gloves in Fortnite.

Grapple Gloves have been added to Fortnite, and they work almost exactly like the Spider-Man Web-Shooters from earlier in chapter 3. You can find Grapple Gloves at the locations marked on the map above (thanks, Each spot on the map above indicates a Grapple Station, which contains toolboxes with Grapple Gloves in them. You can only have one set of Grapple Gloves on at any given time, but once you acquire them, you’ll be able to swing around. For this one, we recommend heading to an area with lots of trees or buildings before starting to swing. As long as you cover 50 meters without touching the ground, you’ll earn credit for this quest.

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