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Fortnite: Every Icon Series skin so far

Unlocking and earning cosmetic skins in Fortnite is one of the game’s selling points, giving players countless ways to customize their characters. Fortnite is known for implementing skins based on licensed characters from pop culture, including films, TV shows, and comics, but the game has also featured outfits based on celebrities as well. These skins fall into the Icon Series, and feature the likenesses of musicians, streamers, and even athletes. But which skins make up the Icon Series and how do you acquire them? Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Icon Series skins.

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What is the Fortnite Icon Series?

Ariana Grande in Fortnite.

The Icon Series is currently comprised of 21 different characters, spanning streamers, musicians, and athletes. Much like your standard cosmetic skins, the Icon Series often features a variety of additional items such as back blings, harvesting tools, emotes, and more. The Icon Series features bundles that are available to purchase from the Item Shop, and often feature multiple outfits for each character.

Just like everything else in the Item Shop, cosmetics from the Icon Series are only available temporarily, but some do return frequently, giving you more chances to get your hands on them. In many cases, multiple skins are made available again at the same time, such as all the streamers, which were re-added to the Item Shop in May 2022. Other outfits are tied to events, such as the Travis Scott outfit, which launched alongside the massive in-game concert. It’s never guaranteed that any outfits will make a reappearance in the shop, so it’s best to grab them when they’re available.

List of Fortnite Icon Series skins

LeBron James shooting basket in Fortnite.

Below is a list of all the Icon Series skins, along with the date each skin was last available in-game. Keep in mind that not all skins have made reappearances since their initial launch.

Streamers/content creators

Icon Last available
Ninja May 16, 2022
Loserfruit May 16, 2022
Lachlan May 16, 2022
Bugha May 16, 2022
TheGrefg May 16, 2022
Chica May 16, 2022
LazarBeam May 16, 2022
Ali A May 29, 2022


Icon Last available
Marshmello, Marsha, Marshinobi March 12, 2022
Major Lazer June 13, 2021
Travis Scott, Astro Jack April 27, 2020
Ariana Grande March 17, 2022
Bruno Mars April 2, 2022
Anderson .Paak April 2, 2022
J Balvin September 12, 2021


Icon Last available
LeBron James July 28, 2021
Harry Kane July 12, 2021
Marco Reus July 12, 2021
Neymar Jr. April 27, 2021
Naomi Osaka May 25, 2022
Chloe Kim April 2, 2022

Most of these character skins are made available as part of a bundle, which often cost around 1,500 V-bucks or so, depending on what’s included. Others, like the Ariana Grande pack, were offered for 2,000 V-bucks, so hopefully, you have some extra currency available if this bundle makes a reappearance in the Item Shop.

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