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Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC gets a surprise release tomorrow

Rose covered in blood in Alan Wake 2
Remedy Entertainment
Summer Gaming Marathon Feature Image
This story is part of our Summer Gaming Marathon series.

Remedy Entertainment showed off a new trailer for the first Alan Wake 2 DLC titled Night Springs at Summer Games Fest. The expansion will be released tomorrow, Saturday, June 8 and be included in the expansion pass for those who purchased the Deluxe Edition or one of two physical editions of the game that will also be available starting tomorrow.

Sam Lake took the stage at Summer Games Fest to reveal a new look at Night Springs and announce that players can dive in the very next day. Night Springs will feature three episodes. each starring different characters in bizarre situations. The three characters include waitress and No, 1 Alan Wake fan Rose Merigold, real-life actor Sean Ashmore, and Control’s Jesse Fayden. Gameplay was only shown in short clips, but appears to keep the same basic survival-horror roots and ethereal environments.

Alan Wake 2 - Night Springs Expansion Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Originally intended to launch in spring, Night Springs will now arrive on June 8. It will be the first of two announced expansions. The second is The Lakehouse, which is also supposed to launch this year. While Night Springs focuses on the titular show within the Alan Wake universe, The Lakehouse will be centered around a research station of the same name on the shores of Cauldron Lake. Interestingly, this facility is stated to be owned by the Federal Bureau of Control. Perhaps Jesse’s inclusion in the first DLC will dovetail into the events of The Lakehouse as she is the current director of the FBC.

Night Springs is exclusively available to owners of the Deluxe Edition digitally or those who purchase the new physical Deluxe Edition available tomorrow.

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