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Destiny 2 Memento quest guide: How to get the Bastion exotic fusion rifle

According to Bungie’s Season of Dawn road map, Destiny 2 was scheduled to get the new Bastion exotic fusion rifle on January 28. But one week after a mysterious quest line dropped into the game that kept the Destiny community working 24/7, Bastion is officially available one week early. 

Before January 21, players needed to complete the extremely complicated Exploring The Corridors of Time quest to get the rifle. The quest contained a gigantic puzzle that took the Destiny community a full week to solve. While the most diligent Destiny 2 players access the Bastion questline early, it is now unlocked for all players.

Players will still have plenty of hoops to jump through to obtain Bastion, especially compared to the incredibly brief Devil’s Ruin quest from earlier this season. To save yourself a big headache, here’s everything you need to know to obtain Bastion.

Destiny 2 Bastion Quest
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Step 1: Collect Fallen Intel

To start the quest, all you need to do is talk to Saint-14 in the Tower. You can now grab the exotic quest directly from him. If you’ve yet to unlock Saint-14 in the Tower, make sure you’ve completed the first two Corridors of Time quests.

Saint-14 will ask you to head to The Tangled Shore and gather five pieces of Fallen intel. All you have to do here is kill five servitors or captains. Your best bet is to load into the Thieves’ Landing zone and clean up the enemies around there. Servitors and captains hang out in that area regularly, plus you’ll have quick access to two lost sectors, which have plenty of Fallen enemies to dispatch.

Step 2: Clear the Empty Tank lost sector

Next, you’ll need to speak to Spider on The Tangled Shore, who you’ll visit several times through the quest. He’ll ask you to kill Aksiniks, a Fallen captain who appears in the Empty Tank lost sector.

To find this lost sector easily, load into Thieves’ Landing again and walk straight ahead to the back wall of the area. Hug the back wall, walking up the raised railing, and you’ll see the usual lost sector markings on a door. This is the lost sector, where you essentially bust into a Fallen DJ club blasting Paul McCartney’s song from the first Destiny. It’s a real treat.

Complete the lost sector like you normally would, and you’ll eventually find Aksiniks in the boss room. Defeat him and get ready for a much more time-consuming quest step.

Step 3: Complete public events and bounties, kill challenging enemies

Head back to Spider, and he’ll give you a good old-fashioned checklist of things to do. He’ll ask you to complete eight public events on The Tangled Shore, do 10 of Spider’s bounties and kill 30 challenging enemies.

There’s no way to cheat this. Pick up as many Spider bounties as you can, and just wait for public events to load in on The Tangled Shore. You can likely knock out a few of his more general bounties while you’re doing public events, but most of them will involve you hunting down Wanted enemies across the solar system.

Luckily, the challenging enemies part is easier. You’ll naturally complete this as you’re doing public events, so don’t focus on this.

Step 4: Find the grave in the Trapper’s Cave lost sector

Head on back to Spider to receive another lost sector-centric step. This time, he’ll ask you to find a grave in the Trapper’s Cave lost sector. Trapper’s Cave is located right in the center of Four-Horn Gulch, so load into Thieves’ Landing and head on over. You’ll see the lost sector marking on a rock near the middle of the area.

Once inside, keep running straight until you see a small waterfall. Jump down the waterfall and immediately turn to your left. You’ll be able to interact with a blue aura, which is your hidden gravesite. 

Step 5: Complete the Hallowed Lair, Memento strike

After all that, it’s time to track down Bastion. Open up your director, and you’ll see a new strike on The Tangled Shore. This is a slight variation on the normal Hallowed Laid strike, called Hallowed Lair, Memento.

There’s not much of a difference between the original and tweaked strike, so just go through it normally until you hit the boss room. Once the fight starts, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a Scorn elite named Defiled Reysk, The Waning Light. Make sure to kill him and then finish the strike.

Finally, head back to Saint-14 on the Tower to receive Bastion. This exotic fusion rifle can be charged to fire three kinetic slugs, so get ready to cause some serious damage in the name of Saint-14.

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