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All suits in Spider-Man 2 and how to get them

In the decades that the character of Spider-Man has existed, through comics, TV shows, games, and movies, he’s gone through quite a few suits. Spider-Man 2 keeps the tradition alive by not only giving him a new suit to try out, but dozens and dozens of older ones to let you play as your favorite version of the webslinger. Oh, and did we mention Miles has his own extensive set of suits as well? Just like the first game, you won’t be handed the keys to the wardrobe for free. Each suit not only needs to be unlocked but also crafted using City and Hero Tokens, as well as Tech parts to get access to the additional styles most suits have. If you’re itching to dress up as the Spider-Man of your dreams as soon as you can, here is every suit in Spider-Man 2 and how you unlock them.

Note: Some suits are unlocked via story progress and could be considered spoilers. You have been warned.

All suits in Spider-Man 2

Peter and Miles perched next to each other in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Now that we’ve got two protagonists, we have two characters we can outfit with some iconic and fun suits. No suits overlap, and you can’t wear a Peter suit with Miles or vice versa, so keep that in mind as well.

All Peter suits

Advanced Suit 2.0 – Unlocked by default

Black Suit – Unlocked via story progress

Symbiote Suit – Unlocked via story progress

Anti-Venom Suit – Unlocked via story progress

The following suits are all unlocked via leveling up in-game. You will unlock a suit at each level from 2 through 60, alternating mostly evenly between Peter and Miles.

Classic Suit – Unlocks at level 4

Scarlet III Suit – Unlocks at level 6

Amazing 2 Suit – Unlocks at level 7

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit – Unlocks at level 11

Scarlet Spider Suit – Unlocks at level 14

Superior Suit – Unlocks at level 15

Anti-Ock Suit – Unlocks at level 17

Archnight Suit – Unlocks at level 20

Into The SPider-Verse Noir Suit – Unlocks at level 22

Homemade Suit – Unlocks at level 23

Spider-Punk Suit  – Unlocks at level 26

Secret Wars: Civil War Suit – Unlocks at level 28

Iron Spider Armor – Unlocks at level 29

Webbed Black Suit – Unlocks at level 31

Webbed Suit – Unlocks at level 32

Upgraded Classic Suit – Unlocks at level 35

New Blue Suit – Unlocks at level 38

Upgraded Suit – Unlocks at level 41

Stealth Suit – Unlocks at level 46

Classic Black Suit – Unlocks at level 50

Iron Spider Suit – Unlocks at level 54

New Red and Blue Suit – Unlocks at level 58

Black and Gold Suit – Unlocks at level 60

Life Story Suit – Unlocks after completing all EMF tasks

Last Hunt Suit – Unlocks after completing all Hunter Bases

Saving Lives Suit – Unlocks after beating all The Flames missions

All Miles suits

Upgraded Suit – Unlocked by default

Evolved Suit – Unlocked via story progress

Family Business Suit – Unlocked via story progress

Life Story Suit – Unlocked via story progress

Classic Suit – Unlocks at level 2

T.R.A.C.K Suit – Unlocks at level 3

Brooklyn 2099 – Unlocks at level 5

Sportswear Suit – Unlocks at level 8

Miles Morales 2099 Suit – Unlocks at level 10

Advanced Tech Suit – Unlocks at level 12

Shadow-Spider Suit – Unlocks at level 13

Miles Morales 2020 Suit – Unlocks at level 16

Purple Reign Suit- Unlocks at level 18

Bodega Cat Suit – Unlocks at level 19

Forever Suit – Unlocks at level 21

Homemade Suit- Unlocks at level 24

Into The Spider-Verse Suit – Unlocks at level 27

Into The Spider-Verse 2B Suit – Unlocks at level 30

The End Suit – Unlocks at level 33

10th Anniversary Suit – Unlocks at level 34

Programmable Matter Suit – Unlocks at level 36

S.T.R.I.K.E Suit – Unlocks at level 37

Agent of Shield Suit  – Unlocks at level 39

Great Responsibility Suit – Unlocks at level 40

Across the Spider-Verse Suit – Unlocks at level 42

Crimson Cowl Suit – Unlocks at level 44

Best There is Suit – Unlocks at level 48

Dark Ages Suit – Unlocks at level 52

Absolute Carnage Suit – Unlocks at level 56

Most Dangerous Game Suit – Unlocks after completing all Hunter Bases

Smoke and Mirors Suit – Unlocks after completing all Mysteriums

Boricua Suit – Unlocks after completing all Brooklyn Visions quests

City Sounds Suit – Unlocks after completing all Cultural Museum quests

King in Black Suit – Unlocks after completing all side quests

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