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POSDATA’s G100 Game Platform Taps WiMAX


Advocates of the fledgling WiMAX wireless standard may be interested to know that the first gaming device to harness WiMAX connectivity has finally cropped up. Korea-based POSDATA announced its WiMAX-compatible G100 game platform on Thursday, although details on the new device were scarce.

The G100 will feature a four-inch touch-screen LCD, which slides away to reveal a game pad beneath. Besides support for WiMAX, it will also offer Bluetooth and conventional Wi-Fi connectivity. POSDATA’s press release made no mention of what kind of internal hardware the G100 would have, or what kind of games would be available for it.

The unveiling occurred on the final day of the WiMAX World USA conference in Chicago. “We’re proud to introduce this cool Mobile WiMAX gaming platform on the market, and it will revolutionize the way people enjoy on-line games and connect to the Internet on the move,” said Joonil Shin, POSDATA’s senior vice president, in a statement.

The US release of the device is expected by the end of the year.