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PS4 players can prioritize what sections of a game to download first

Sony PS4 PRess ConferencePlayStation 4 players can prioritize the order in which game downloads are completed so that certain parts arrive first, Sony revealed. This means that games with multiple modes will be broken up, allowing the downloader to prioritize what they want to play first. In the video below a user tells the console to download the multiplayer portion of Killzone: Shadow Fall first so he can play with a friend without having to wait for the single player campaign to download as well.

Sony announced previously that all PS4 games are playable almost as soon as they begin downloading. That may be true in theory, but it isn’t entirely clear how this feature will work with games that feature integration on multiple levels. For example, games like Bungie’s Destiny and Ubisoft’s The Division feature integrated single player and multiplayer modes. It’s unclear where the system would draw the line for titles like these. 

So, with the news that the game modes are bundled separately, how long until the old argument from multiplayer addicts who’d like to pay half the price and skip game campaigns altogether makes its way back to the forefront?