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Star Wars Characters for Soulcalibur IV

Star Wars Characters for Soulcalibur IVIt’s a very smart marketing move. NAMCO BANDAI announced at CES that it has signed a deal with LucasArts that will see Stars Wars characters as guests in its Soulcalibur IV game. But here’s the twist – there will be a different character for eachplatform.   The PS3 will get Sith Lord Darth Vader, while the Xbox 360 version will have Jedi Master Yoda. And, of course, Star Wars fans and unrepentant gamers will want both.   "Itis quite rare that two publishers of this caliber are able to collaborate on this level to create a top notch entertainment experience for next-generation platforms," said Makoto Iwai, executivevice president and COO at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. "In the entertainment industry, LucasArts possesses some of the most recognizable characters and franchises in the world. We’re thrilledto integrate their historic characters into one of our most treasured brands."   The company promises the game will have HD graphics, and an expanded customization mode, that lets playerspersonalize a character and look and perform as they desire. Also, for the first time in the franchise, customized characters or original favorites can be taken online to challenge others.