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Klipsch and Lou Reed partner up on purple earphones

Klipsch has partnered with rock icon Lou Reed for a celebrity-backed reissue of its already popular Image X10i earphones. The new Lou Reed Signature earphones are clad in purple, but maintain Klipsch’s signature copper accents. 

Speaking of signatures, Reed’s is all over these earphones. His stamp appears on the new packaging, the in-line microphone and on a collectible autograph card. Another bonus for these special edition ‘phones is that the first 50 pre-orders submitted at Klipsch.com will get a free signed copy of “Lulu”, Reed’s latest musical work which also happens to be a collaboration with legendary rock band Metallica.

Everything else about the earphones appears to be the same as Klipsch has not disclosed that any technical differences were made for this special edition. That’s not a bad thing, since we already love the way the X10i sound.  So, the question is: Is Lou Reed’s endorsement, some autographed extras and a little purple paint worth the extra $50? If it gets Reed fans into the great sounding X10i earphones, then we say yes. Absolutely.