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Still listening on tinny TV speakers? Try one of our favorite soundbars

You no longer have to sacrifice sound for size when selecting home audio equipment. Check out our picks for the best soundbars, whether you're looking for budget options, pure power, smarts, or tons of features.
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Klipsch gave its flagship Reference speakers a complete redesign for 2018

Klipsch unveiled a redesigned version of its popular Reference model speakers for 2018, but it is more than a modern cosmetic upgrade, with updated components, new audio enhancements, and even a few new features.
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Klipsch wireless speakers will soon support Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa

A selection of Klipsch's wireless speakers and amps will soon be supporting Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, letting users fully control playback on their speakers and multiroom audio setups through Alexa-enables devices.
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Klipsch’s new reference speakers raise the home theater bar, again

Klipsch ups the reference speaker ante again, with the new floor-standing RF-7 III, and RC-64 III center channel speakers. They're big, bold, and beautiful -- and come with prices to match.
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Klipsch reference speakers make home theaters look as good as they sound

Klipsch packaged the best of its reference speaker audio technology into an all-in-one 5.1 surround home theater speaker system, including a wireless-capable subwoofer, for under $1,000.
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Klipsch R-28PF and R-14PM powered reference speakers make life simple

Klipsch boasts the most complete collection of reference speakers out there, and now that collection includes powered speakers. The new R-28PF and R-14PM combine clarity and simplicity for casual listeners and audiophiles alike.
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Klipsch's Heritage HP 3 look out of the 20th century, but sound like the 21st

In honor of its founder, Klipsch launched a new flagship headphone model, the Heritage HP-3. The handcrafted design hearkens back to the company's earliest creations, while packed with modern technology.
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The Klipsch Forte is back, and badder than ever

Sometimes lightning not only strikes twice, it strikes three times. At least that's the hope for the Klipsch Forte III, the third and latest incarnation of Klipsch's most popular speaker.
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Klipsch partners with Capitol Records on gorgeous Heritage speaker line

Klipsch and Capitol Records have joined forces to release the stunning Heritage speaker line, a group of three speakers that showcase beautiful mid-century modern design cues and modern audio technology.
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Klipsch enters the Play-Fi wireless multiroom ecosystem with six new products

Earlier this year, Klipsch showed off its DTS Play-Fi powered Stream wireless multiroom audio system, which is now available for purchase, including sound bars, standalone speakers, and more.
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Klipsch’s Reference family of headphones expands, including two wireless models

Klipsch added four new members to its Reference family of headphones, including two wireless models in the new Reference On-Ear Bluetooth and Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth models.
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Klipsch celebrates 70 years with a boatload of new products at CEDIA

At CEDIA 2016, Klipsch has joined the wireless multiroom audio party, showing off its new Stream series, as well as new sound bars and DSP amplifiers, plus a brand new line of outdoor speakers.

Get the most out of your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with these accessories

With an updated processor and larger screen, the iPhone 6 is bigger and better than any Apple smartphone before it. Check out some of our favorite accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, whether you're in the market for top-notch sound or…
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Klipsch shows off new mighty-mouse portable speaker, the Groove

Klipsch unveils the new Groove, an "ultra portable" Bluetooth speaker that measures just four-inches high and two-inches deep, offers water resistance, and a promised punch of power.

Klipsch’s R6 and R6i in-ear headphone line expands into snazzy new on-ears

Klipsch rolls its hit R6 and R6i in-ear headphones into an on-ear version, with memory foam pads, 40mm drivers, and a leather-sheathed band that folds for storage, all at a price that starts at $79.
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Klipsch makes Atmos easy with three new Reference Premiere speakers

Klipsch lays down three new speakers in its Reference Premiere line, including new Dolby Atmos-ready towers, as well as channel topping speakers that allow you to transform any speaker setup into an Atmos system.
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We piled 480 pounds of Klipsch speakers in 1 room to prove why bigger is better

Klipsch's Reference Premiere series makes no sacrifices in the name of size -- or sound. We tested out all 480 pounds of the massive 7.2-channel speakers system to hear all that bulk bark.
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With Klipsch and LG on board, has WiSA’s wire-free home theater finally arrived?

WiSA's wireless home theater protocol has new partners that just might help turn the wireless tide, perhaps eliminating speaker wires and bulky electronics.