Klipsch R-28PF and R-14PM powered reference speakers make life simple

Klipsch R-28PF powered floorstanding speaker

Klipsch’s References are out of control, and everyone knows it.

On the heels of the August release of the new R-26FA and R-14SA premier Reference speakers, Klipsch is now introducing another pair of Reference speakers — the R-28PF floorstanders and the R-14PM monitors — and this time they’re powered. Designed to combine unmatched clarity with versatility and simplicity, both sets of speakers feature built-in 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converters (DAC) and and RIAA-equalized phono pre-amplifiers.

The Reference R-28PF boast a 2-channel configuration with dual eight-inch, copper-spun, magnetically shielded IMG woofers alongside a one-inch, aluminum diaphragm compression driver paired with 90-degree square Tractrix horns. A bi-amplified, ultra-low-noise 260W amplifier pumps out powerful sound, and also baked in are a digital crossover, an equalizer, and limiters to ensure crisp, accurate audio reproduction.

Meanwhile, the R-14PM monitor speakers each include a single four-inch, copper-spun, magnetically shielded IMG woofer and 3/4-inch aluminum diaphragm compression drivers paired to the aforementioned square Tractrix horns. Each speaker is outfitted with an ultra-low-noise 80W amplifier.

Klipsch R-14PM powered monitor speaker

The Klipsch R-14PM

You can hook these up to a comprehensive home theater system for best results, of course, but the beauty of these speakers is their versatility. Both the R-28PF and the R-14PM include several easy ways to connect, including traditional RCA analog inputs, 3.5mm auxiliary inputs, USB, and optical inputs. That’s not all, though — they’re both equipped with Bluetooth and support aptX, meaning you don’t even need a physical cable connection to experience high-resolution audio. They also both include outputs for an external subwoofer; we wouldn’t really expect you to need one alongside the R-28PF, though.

Both speakers feature a black, brushed polymer finish with copper wordmarks to match the woofers (and to match the general aesthetic of most Klipsch products). They’re also both available now via Klipsch’s website and select authorized retailers; the R-28PF retail for $1,199/pairwhile the R-14PM will run you $399/pair.

If you’re a fan of Klipsch’s stuff, take a gander at the company’s recent collaboration with Capital Records, the awesome Heritage line of speakers. They also debuted some crazy, steampunk-esque Heritage headphones earlier this month that look like something you might wear on the descent into Rapture.