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Klipsch’s ‘The Fives’ are stunning TV speakers that challenge soundbar trends

Klipsch talks a big game when it comes to its new bookshelf-style powered TV monitors called The Fives. Claiming to be the first powered monitors to feature HDMI-ARC, which allows them to communicate directly with a television, Klipsch promises The Fives will provide a big and bold sound experience that will outperform the soundbars most people currently rely on.

Typical soundbar setups in modern homes feature a single, center-placed soundbar below a television with an optional sub-woofer for enhanced bass. Klipsch argues that in these common single-soundbar setups, the overall sound quality improves if the audio comes from a set of dedicated left and right speakers with a phantom center channel.

Though Dolby Atmos speakers might be able to contest these claims, Klipsch could have a point if you are looking to compare experiences with content that isn’t developed and delivered specifically for Dolby Atmos.

The Fives feature custom-built amplifiers that Kilpsch says will deliver “room-filling sound” while removing the need for a dedicated audio/video receiver. Klipsch also boasts that they are not only easy to set up, but connect with just about anything in your household. Beyond the aforementioned HDMI-ARC, The Fives have an integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, 3.5mm analog mini jack, USB, and optical digital inputs, making them suited to just about any connection a modern living room can throw at them.

Klipsch has loaded The Fives with a boatload of its proprietary tech, including acoustic horn-loaded technology and tuning that the company says will deliver loud, yet precise audio enhanced with quality bass and low distortion. The Fives also features built-in dynamic bass equalization that the brand says matches the human ear’s ability to hear low frequencies and allows it to deliver strong bass at any volume. Finally, The Fives have 192kHz/24-bit decoding for proper reproduction of high-resolution audio tracks.

Though The Fives do not include one, there is a subwoofer output, so you can add a powered subwoofer at any time.

The Fives are available in two “real wood veneer” colors — matte black or walnut — for $799 per pair. With many high-fidelity soundbar systems like the LG SN11RG or the Samsung HW-Q90R coming in at considerably more than that, there’s also a financial incentive to check out Klipsch’s new offering. If you’re interested in upgrading your home theater sound system, Klipsch is worth your attention — unless the Sonos Arc is more your cup of tea.

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