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Klipsch speakers and subwoofers get deep discounts today

A Klipsch R-10SWi wireless subwoofer sits on a floor.
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Klipsch is known for its high-quality speakers and ones that look pretty great too. Of course, they can be expensive, so if you’ve wanted to grab one, now is the time as many of the company’s speakers and subwoofers are on sale today at Crutchfield.

If you’re in the market for a wireless subwoofer, the Klipsch R-10SWi is a compact subwoofer with powerful sound, and Klipsch has lowered the price on it down to $249 from $399, an impressive $150 discount.

Probably the biggest and most obvious selling point is the 10-inch woofer, made using injection-molded graphite (IMG), which means the speaker is light but sturdy, much like the brushed MDF exterior box that it comes in. The fact that it’s reinforced means that it will last a long time and helps explain the higher prices you tend to see with Klipsch audio gear. The nominal power output is 150W that can provide audio for a middle-sized room, although it can go to a maximum of 300W, which is probably a bit too high and going to affect the lifespan of the speaker. Setup is relatively easy, especially if you use the wireless option, which is reliable, thankfully, and provides a similar experience to being wired.

As for sound quality, it’s what you’d expect from a high-end speaker that you’d get from Klipsch. The audio is clear, crisp, and powerful, and is pretty versatile, meaning it’s great for gaming, movies, or even just listening to music. The IMG gives it some great low-frequency response without succumbing to distortion or breakup that you might find with lower-end subwoofers. You’ll also be happy to know that you get a five-year warranty for the woofer, and a two-year warranty for the amplifier, although you’ll likely not have to take advantage of either one considering the build quality.

Besides its big sale on speakers and subwoofers, Klipsch’s R-10SWi is an excellent subwoofer, and it’s on sale for $249, $150 off its normal price of $399. If the R-10SWi isn’t what you’re looking for, then check out some of our other subwoofer deals, as well as some great soundbar deals to pair it with.

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