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Best subwoofer deals: Up the bass for as low as $65

To have a good home theater or audio setup, there are several components you need, including an immersive TV and a good surround sound system to pair with it. And when it comes to creating the ideal audio system, of any kind, you can’t overlook a subwoofer. These units provide an extra bass hit which can make a big difference to your home theater setup when listening to music or watching movies. They allow you to feel every crash, every explosion, and the pound of every punch. When those jets fly overhead, the subwoofer will make your couch tremble as if the engines are right above your house. If you’re adding one to your car, you’ll feel the same but with the kicks and snare of your music. But they’re not cheap, so you can pay hundreds of dollars for a good-quality subwoofer, or even more if you’re looking at high-end options. It is possible to save some cash on top subwoofer brands like Klipsch and Sony by pinpointing the best subwoofer deals, and that’s where we have you covered.

Dr.J Professional 2.1 channel soundbar with subwoofer system — $64, was $130

DRJ Professional 2.1 channel sub and soundbar product image
DR J Professional

More than just the subwoofer, this surround system includes a versatile soundbar or dual-speaker — it can be split in half — offering a versatile audio system. It does featured Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, so you can connect a phone or tablet, for example. You can also plug your TV in via HDMI ARC, optical, or 3.5 mm audio. The 35W bass woofer delivers a nice little kick.

Sumeina 10-inch 800W subwoofer system — $ 153, was $180

Sumeina 10-inch 800W subwoofer system product image

Okay, hear us out. This subwoofer enclosure is meant for a vehicle to enhance the music and audio you hear inside your car or truck. Yes, you could absolutely use it for that, but you could also use it inside your home, theoretically, if you get a power inverter or amp to convert the voltages. Then, it’s a matter of getting the right cables to connect the subwoofer. The compact and lightweight design of this sub, that’s still able to deliver a massive 800-watts of power is impressive. Either way, it’s also available at a fantastic price.

Sumeina 12-inch dual-loaded 1200W compact subwoofer system — $250, was $280

Sumeina 12-inch dual-loaded 1200W compact subwoofer system product image

With a 150 watt RMS, this 1200 watt enclosed subwoofer will send you into another dimension when cranked up to max, although we wouldn’t recommend doing that because of the potential hearing damage. Still, it’s powerful, relatively lightweight, and includes the integrated amplifier if you’re using it in a vehicle. High level and low level inputs are available.

Sony SA-SW5 300W wireless subwoofer — $500, was $700

Sony SA-SW5 300W wireless subwoofer product image.

Best when paired with Sony HT-A9, A7000, A5000, or A3000 surround systems, this 300 watt subwoofer is wireless, easy to setup, and features an omnidirectional block design — it offers room-filling sound in all directions. It connects via Bluetooth wireless to the aforementioned systems. As part of the current offer, you’ll get three months of Apple TV+, Apple’s premium streaming service, so long as you’re a new or returning subscriber. The shows Apple TV+ features will sound amazing on your new surround system that’s for sure.

REL HT/1205 MKII 500W subwoofer — $699, was $849

REL HT-1205 MKII 500W subwoofer product image.

Now this is a subwoofer. It’s a 500 watt sub with a 12-inch ultra-long stroke CarbonGlas driver that produces incredible sound, speed, and audio dynamics. Think devastating bass that will shake your entire home without the distortion or audio problems you normally see at loud volumes. It uses wireless connectivity via 5.8GHz chips for low latency and better quality audio streams.

How to choose a subwoofer

SVS SB-16 subwoofer review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

A subwoofer is an essential component of your sound system, but the good news is that you don’t have to shell out a fortune to get a good one from a trusted brand. That’s not to say that the absolute best subwoofers aren’t pricey, though; just know that there are a lot of options out there that are capable of fitting all but the tightest of budgets. Sony, Polk, Klipsch, JBL, and Dayton Audio are just a handful of brands that spring to mind which offer solid subwoofers at reasonable prices. Serious audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts can choose from high-end makers like MartinLogan, Paradigm, and SVS, to name only a few.

After setting your budget, there are a few things to consider when choosing a subwoofer. These bass-boosting speakers are fairly straightforward — their single job is to put out deep, heavy low audio tones — but you don’t want to rush into the first subwoofer deal that looks nice and meets your price limit. Pay attention to overall dimensions (the size of a subwoofer can be hard to glean from pictures alone) to make sure the one you’ve got your eye on will fit in the space you’ve set for it, and pay double attention to wattage and connection options. This is especially important if you’re setting up a more complex home theater system where the subwoofer will be integrated into a network of speakers and input/output devices connected to an A/V receiver.

It’s also important to consider subwoofer setup and placement. Is it wired or wireless, and will this determine whether you can place it where you want it? Does it feature an app to help with installation and managing calibration settings, and if so, does it do its job well? Reading professional and customer reviews can help you to get a picture of the end-user experience. Placement is particularly vital. Don’t be afraid to test out your subwoofer in different rooms, if possible, and to move it around and use it in different areas of the room for a few hours to figure out for yourself where it works and sounds best. The size, shape, windows, and furnishings of a room all affect the acoustics of the space, and sub-optimal subwoofer placement will hinder its performance.

Finally, if your system can support it, you should consider purchasing two subwoofers instead of one. Two subwoofers will almost always perform the job better than a single unit, no matter the acoustics of the room. A/V receivers feature numbered designations that indicate how many power channels they have for speakers and subwoofers. For example, a 7.2-channel receiver has enough channels for seven speakers (the minimum for true surround sound) and two subwoofers, whereas a 7.1-channel receiver can only support one sub. If you’re shopping for subwoofer deals but are also looking to buy an A/V receiver, we recommend going for one that can support dual subwoofers, even if you only plan to use a single subwoofer now.

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