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Klipsch brings retro hi-fi vibes to its new desktop speakers

Klipsch is drawing on its long history of building speakers for the look of its new 2.1 desktop speaker system, the ProMedia Heritage 2.1. Combining two stereo satellites with a wired subwoofer, the system is available in two finishes: Black ash and Walnut, each of which comes clad in fabric speaker grilles that match the company’s other Heritage products, which are meant to evoke the look of Klipsch’s Heresy speakers from the 1970s. The system is available for $349 via, though Costco members get an especially attractive discount that brings the price down to $240.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker system seen with grilles.

The ProMedia Heritage 2.1 is designed to work with almost any analog or digital input, but its size and shape lends itself especially well to desktop computer use. It has a pair of analog stereo RCA inputs and a USB-A jack for digital audio. There’s also a Bluetooth connection for streaming music and audio wirelessly from any device that supports Bluetooth.

A single power cable runs to the primary satellite, which then sends signal to the secondary speaker and the wired subwoofer. Each satellite is rated at 35 watts and is equipped with 1-inch-high-frequency driver nestled behind Klipsch’s proprietary Tractrix horn, as well as a three-inch long-throw woofer that provides the midranges.

The front-firing subwoofer boasts 100 watts of power and uses a large 8-inch driver and rear-firing port tube. That gives it power and range that’s comparable to many budget home theater soundbars.

Speaking of soundbars, the satellites are mounted on angled plinths to aim their sound upward, making them suitable for use in a variety of settings. In the company’s press release, Klipsch shows the system being used for enhanced TV sound, as an alternative to a soundbar. It claims the speakers are good companions for gamers and they can also be used as a small-footprint hi-fi system for turntables.

Included with the speakers is a wireless remote, AAA batteries, and a 3.5mm-to-stereo RCA cable.

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