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Apple job listing teases further ventures into the world of Android

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Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

When Apple announced it would release Apple Music for Android later this year, it represented the company’s first venture into Google’s mobile ecosystem. However, it looks like Apple won’t stop there, based on a recent job listing that the company posted, reports 9to5Mac.

According to the listing, Apple wants to hire an Applications Software Engineer for Android. However, it’s not just for Apple Music, as the company named after a fruit is “looking for engineers to help us bring exciting new mobile products to the Android platform.”

Accepting this invitation to speculate, we would wager that the easiest apps Apple could port over are the company’s iWork and iCloud Drive applications. Given Microsoft’s efforts to make sure its Office suite is widely available for mobile, it would make sense for Apple to release its own suite of productivity apps for Android in a bid to stem that tide. Meanwhile, releasing iCloud Drive on Android would give users yet another option for accessing their files.

Of course, Apple could also release a slew of other apps, with Safari, iMessage, and iTunes being prime candidates for a migration. iMessage in particular would be a great move, seeing how people have had problems over the years with users not being able to receive messages from iPhone owners after they decided to use another phone.

Regardless of what other apps Apple might want to move to Android, the company can no longer pretend to ignore Android, with iOS recently losing ground to Google’s mobile operating system in the United States and China, two of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. And developing apps for Android is a pro-consumer move, since customers would no longer be forced to buy Apple devices if they wanted to use apps like Pages on the go from something else.

Apple has yet to reveal what these “new mobile products” are exactly, so only time will tell what other Android developments Apple has up its sleeve.