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Motorola Atrix 4G update: Bugs fixed, speed isn’t

Motorola Atrix 4GThe Motorola Atrix proadly attaches that 4G to its name, but its upload speeds beg to differ. Yesterday we learned that AT&T is throttling bandwidth for the phone and hasn’t enabled HSUPA capabilities. In light of customer complaints, the carrier explained it was in “testing and preparations” to enable the technology. But all of that apparently won’t come to fruition today, as the Atrix’s first update has begun to roll out without any signs of a HSUPA connection. To put it more simply, that 4G phone is still functioning like a 3G phone.

But the update isn’t entirely good for nothing. Here are the bugs Motorola aims to fix:

  • Better Bluetooth and headset performance, and the phone will work with more headsets than before
  • The phone’s fingerprint reader technology will be noticeably better
  • If the Atrix is charging on a wall charger, the display will automatically turn off – battery life in general will also improve
  • The phone will overall fix user experience  bugs, like touch unresponsiveness or “programs quitting unexpectedly”
  • Improved experience connecting the phone to car docks and headphones

AT&T said the 4G update should be here in April, which isn’t too much longer to wait until the Atrix can live up to its name.