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Pocket Live TV Brings TV To Windows Mobile

If you’re one of those people for whom one of the hardest things about being away from home is being away from your TV…then Amsterdam’s Makayama Software has a solution or you in the form of Pocket TV 1.0, a Windows Mobile application which brings 100 live television channels from 10 countries to your Windows Mobile device live, using either 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Channel offers on Pocket TV 1.0 include news channels like CNN, BBC, NBC, the Weather Channel, Sky News, and Deutsche Welle, music channels MTV, Ministry of Sound, and 3for12, and sports offerings like the Baseball Channel, Eurosport, and Sportbox, along with dozens of channels offering information and entertainment programming, although lineups vary by country. Pocket Live TV streams the video content to your Windows Mobile device using either 3G or Wi-Fi networking…so if you can find a Wi-Fi hotspot, you might be able to avoid data charges for television programming altogether. There’s no subscription fee associated with Pocket TV Live: just a one-time $19.95 software purchase price.

Curious what channels Pocket Live TV might bring to your Windows Mobile device? Check out the free demo to view the channel lineup; Makayama has also posted a list of compatible Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices.