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Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 and Redmi Note 2 Pro news and rumors

Reports suggest the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 could launch as soon as April

Xiaomi had quite a year last year with the Redmi Note 2 and the Redmi 2, and it looks like the company is set to follow up on those devices with a few new handsets for 2017. In fact, rumors have been circulating quite a bit about the new phones, called the Redmi Note 2 Pro and the Redmi Pro 2, and we now have a pretty good look at what the phones could have on offer.

The rumors are interesting for a few reasons — perhaps the most notable being that Xiaomi launched the Redmi Pro last year only in China — suggesting that it would be a one-off device. Does the existence of a follow-up suggest we’ll see the phone in other markets? We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s everything we know about the Redmi Note 2 Pro and Redmi Pro 2 so far.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2

It’s looking more and more like Xiaomi will launch a follow-up to the Redmi Pro, called the Redmi Pro 2. In fact, press shots and specs have appeared online showing that the phone could offer some pretty nice specs. But when will we see the device? The latest rumors indicate it could be soon. Pocket Now has published a report suggesting the phone will be launched at some point in April.

First up in the specs department is the camera, and unfortunately it looks like Xiaomi isn’t interested in keeping the dual-camera setup for the Pro 2. According to a leak on Chinese social media site Weibo, the phone will offer a simple 12MP rear-facing camera with an f1/2.55-inch sensor and a 1.4μm pixel size.

Apart from the camera, the specs seem quite nice. The phone will come in two variants, and with one offering 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and the other boasting a cool 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. We don’t yet know exactly which processor the phone will feature, however some speculation suggests it could be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.

We do have prices for the device, and according to the leak the phone will be quite reasonably priced. The 4GB variant will come at 1,599 yuan, which equates to $232, while the bigger 6GB version will come at 1,799 yuan, or around $261.

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