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Kimmel, McConaughey make hilarious local commercial for ‘vintage’ video store at SXSW

Think video rental stores don’t exist anymore? Wrong. Vulcan Video in Austin, TX is bound to get a massive boost in sales thanks to a series of hilarious viral video ads created by Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey.

Before heading out to film his late night talk show in Austin during the SXSW festival this week, Kimmel sent out a Tweet calling for local businesses in the area to reach out if they wanted him to create an ad for them to help boost the local economy. After thousands of replies, Kimmel settled on the most low-tech, arguably out-of-touch business he could find: an archaic video store called Vulcan Video.

Sure, people still use physical Blu-ray discs, maybe even pop in a DVD now and then. But streaming TV clearly reigns supreme. Well, not according to this video.

Kimmel and McConaughey poke fun at that annoyingly convenient service called Netklix. “Quit scrolling, quit streaming, start dreaming…about V.H.S.” hilariously urges McConaughey.

Yes, Vulcan has really stood the test of time by keeping its entire inventory of VHS tapes on hand to serve the “very limited VHS needs since the ‘80s.) And we can’t forget other drivers for the store, like the wide selection of Jerry Lewis, Asian Horror, and Canadian TV DVDs, a bathroom and, of course, don’t forget the free parking.

It’s best you join the 900,000 views and counting and watch it for yourself.