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Skip the hotel room and sleep comfortably in your car with these tips and gear

We’ve all seen the Instagram account of the guy with the tricked out Sprinter, complete with custom solar panels, multi-sport racks and off-roading wheels. But you don’t need a decked out camper van to sleep in your car. In fact, with the right planning and proper gear, you can rest well in virtually any vehicle. Whether your goal is to road trip around the country, camp out the night before Black Friday, or simply to beat the other weekend warriors to the trailhead on Friday night, these tips, hacks and techno gadgets will help you get quality sleep in four wheels wherever you go.

Give yourself some privacy

Even at a remote trailhead, chances are you’ve got fellow adventurers somewhere in your midst. And if you’re gearing up for a big day of adventure, the last thing you need is strangers peering in your windows. The solution? Simple window curtains. You’ll be amazed how far these will go to create a sense of privacy and make you feel at ease. Not only that, the curtains comes with extra perks: they enhance security and help regulate the car temperature—the shade will keep you cooler in summertime and the added insulation will keep you warmer in the winter.

If you prefer something pre-made, Shade Sox makes a universal window fitting for about $20. The shades are made out of flexible 40D Nylon mesh and meant to fit any vehicle. All you have to do is pull them over the window and close the door.

There are also plenty of cheap DIY options:

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