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The Super Fleece is like a hoodie in blanket form

It started with jersey knit sheets. Why wouldn’t you want to something as soft as your old, well worn T-shirt? The same with fleece. You wear it hiking, so it seems like the perfect addition, in blanket form, to keep your bed warm at home.

Rumpl took a similar approach with its Puffy blankets. Made of a water-resistant ripstop nylon, it’s basically a North Face jacket turned into blanket. The company launched a successful Kickstarter a couple years ago, and now it’s back with a different clothing-inspired blanket.

The Super Fleece is meant to be a hoodie for your bed. Apparently, it’s a super-soft blanket that even Tom Haverford would approve of. Like the Puffy, it combines elements of outdoor gear, like washability and breathability, but it’s meant to be used indoors. While its creators say it will keep you warm in a 45-degree house, it’s not rated to replace your sleeping bag on a camping trip.

The blanket has two fabrics, a top knit layer that repels stains and water, and a soft fleece layer that is antimicrobial. “These materials are specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable when you’re active, and the Super Fleece offers the same benefits when you’re sleeping,” according to Rumpl.

The blankets are available in several color combinations, with a base of whale, white, stone, charcoal, or brick and a stripe of one of these hues. The campaign has proved pretty popular, already reaching well beyond its $15,000 goal with over $170,000. Therefore, the early-bird specials are gone, and the twin costs $120, the queen $165, and the king $200. The Super Fleece won’t ship until May 2016, which is basically the end of blanket season, unfortunately.

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