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Edifier Sound To Go (MP250) Review


  • Impressive volume
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great sound quality overall
  • Flexible for both laptops and MP3 players


Our Score 7.5
User Score 0


  • Awkward volume button
  • No internal power
  • Sound quality suffers a little at higher volumes
Edifier's Sound To Go offers a relativity inexpensive solution for boosting your laptop's sound without sacrificing too much portability.

No matter how much you pay for your laptop, the built-in speakers are likely to fall short of your expectations. One option is to buy a set of stationary desktop speakers, but isn’t portability one of the main reasons for buying a laptop? Edifier attempts to bridge the gap between quality sound and portability with its Sound To Go all-in-one micro speaker system, which is small enough to throw in a backpack, but sounds much bigger.

Features and design

The Sound To Go features two ports: a mini-USB port and a 3.5mm auxiliary input port. The USB connection provides both power and audio signal for simple plug-and-play setup with your computer, or you can connect another device, like an iPod, with the auxiliary input. The device features one button, located on one end of the system, used to control the volume.

Two 1-1/4-inch mid range drivers, two 1-1/4inch tweeters and a 3 x 1-1/4-inch oval subwoofer deliver the system’s sound. A built-in amplifier provides plenty of power to the speakers which pump out surprising volume. The system’s dimensions are roughly 10 -1/2-inchs wide, 1-1/2-inches high and 1-3/4-inches deep.

The soundbar has a very Apple-like style with a clean, minimal design. The wedge-shaped chassis is finished in brushed aluminum, with a black metal speaker grill up front and black plastic end pieces. The build-quality is almost up to Apple standards; it feels very solid and should stand up to many trips in a laptop bag. The volume button is the only concern we have. It feels a little flimsy when pressed, and doesn’t quite live up to the same quality as the rest of the device.

What’s in the box

In addition to the speaker system, Edifier includes a soft carrying case and USB cable.

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