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Send Twitter some feed back, but keep it short!

twitterTwitter might have learned from past Facebook mistakes. Today Twitter’s co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey did something today that was both simple and powerful at the same time. He asked Twitter what they liked, didn’t like, and what should be changed about Twitter’s service.

Unlike Facebook who has been known to make sweeping changes without talking to its users it seems like Twitter wants to know what’s broke before it starts fixing stuff. The tweet in question was pretty simple, “Hello people of Twitter. What can we do better? What’s good, bad, or missing? Send your feedback by replying. We’re #listening.” At the time, it looked like Dorsey actually was listening.  Dorsey replied to several tweeted suggestions with his own personal feedback. It’s always nice to see someone at the top of a company interacting with its users. Granted there has been no reply from @Jack for quite some time, but maybe he is just resting up.

By reading through some of the feedback we are able to see a few trends amongst the suggestions. One of the common suggestions made is a way to reduce spam and filtering out similar tweets from people you follow. For example if you follow ten tech bloggers you might have seen an overload of iPhone 4S Tweets about the same exact thing, and Dorsey replied to one such suggestion with, “indeed. Big challenge. Thanks.”

We guess it might be considered cheating asking users for feedback via Twitter, which means that whatever suggestion they leave has to be no more than 140 characters.  So if you have any feedback make sure to let @jack know, but keep it short!