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Twitter’s ‘lists’ feature goes big – now allows 1,000 lists of up to 5,000 accounts

Twitter fights court order to give user data to police without a warrantIf you’re a Twitter user that makes use of its lists feature to organize all those incoming tweets, you might be interested to learn that you can now make up to 1,000 lists, up from 20. That’s a lot of lists.

Furthermore, each list can now include up to 5,000 accounts – that’s up from 500. Hey, that’s a lot of accounts, too.

Twitter announced its lists expansion via a tweet on Thursday, a move that should score some points with power users of the microblogging service.

The feature first made its way onto Twitter four years ago, enabling users to take control of their timeline by organizing those they follow into various categories.

If you’re a Twitter user that follows, for example, friends, news organizations, comedians, politicians, tech sites etc, then your main timeline will of course show all these together, with possibly thousands of tweets coming in a day – depending on how many people you follow and how often they tweet, of course. Making a list for each of these groups results in more focused feeds and decreases the chances of missing any tweets.

Lists are public by default (though can be set to private), so while they help you to better organize incoming tweets, they also act as a useful discovery tool for others.

If you’re a Twitter user yet to make a list and feel you could do with sorting out your timeline, why not get yourself organized by checking out DT’s guide to making Twitter lists here.