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Keyword launched by Google as aggregator for many (but not all) of its blogs

Google's sprawling web of official corporate blogs just became a little easier to wrangle. The company has launched Keyword, an searchable aggregator of all of its major announcements.

Google bolsters encryption for Blogspot domain residents with HTTPS rollout

Google is rolling out HTTPS encryption to all Blogspot residents. However, the feature doesn't support top-level domains or subdomains -- at least for now. The company has also released a tool for fixing elements that are broken on the new…

Google changes its mind, will not block adult content on Blogger

After originally stating it would start blocking adult content on its Blogger platform later in March, Google decided to abandon the change and step up its enforcement efforts instead.

Google says it’s going to block adult content on Blogger

If you have a Blogger site showing images or video that Google considers to be sexually explicit, you'll need to remove it soon. If you don't, the Web giant says it'll switch the blog's setting to private, blocking its content from the…
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WordPress vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger

There's more than one quality blogging platforms out there. In fact, we can name three. Check out our direct comparison of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger for a closer look at which each platform has to offer and which is best suited for…

Google rolls out Google+ comments within the Blogger community

In order to continue pushing out social sharing into more Google products, the team working on Google+ has incorporated the Google+ social commenting system into the Google Blogger interface.
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Google adopts Twitter-like censorship policy for Blogger

In an effort to limit government-imposed censorship to specific areas, Google has changed Blogger blogs to have country-specific domains.
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One third of employees use Facebook while at work

While employers are looking into the amount of time workers are spending checking social networks, many employees admit to checking Facebook and other social networks during the workday.
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Roundup: Our favorite blogging platforms you’ve never heard of

If Wordpress and Blogger are too mainstream for you, try out these underground alternatives.
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Google’s Blogger gets new look and new features

Blogger has announced a big overhaul to its user interface, introducing a number of new features in the process.
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UK privacy office investigating Google+ username policy

Google's crackdown on anonymous usernames has attracted the UK Information Commissioner’s Office's attention.

Google Search police strike again, send ‘’ domains into oblivion

Google has wiped 11 million URLs from search results in an attempt to get rid of phishing attacks, but the move rekindles webmaster fear.