Report: Europe VC scene catching up to US

A new report argues that European venture capitalism in closing in and possibly overtaking the US.


Google’s Photovine website goes live, remains a mystery

The website for Google's Photovine service has officially launched. But we still know next to nothing about what it is.

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Finding a photo-sharing platform for you

Your photo-sharing app options are nearly endless. Here's our brief guide to help you find the one that fits your phone's needs.

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Where did Color go wrong?

Was it too much too soon or just a flawed concept? Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Whatever the cause, photo-sharing app Color loses a co-founder and continues to flounder.


Facebook’s secret iPhone photo-sharing app leaked

A trove of leaked data shows that Facebook has a photo-sharing iPhone app in the works. And it reportedly looks "awesome."


First look at Pixable Photofeed: One photo app to aggregate them all

Photofeed doesn't have all the bells, whistles, and trendy filters other photo apps do, but it has one thing most of them don't: Convenience.


Apple developing Color, Instagram competitor?

Apple may be working on a way to challenge the success of photo sharing apps by offering up its own cloud-based way to share your iOS albums.


Is social media overvalued?

Analysts are warning investors that while the social media scene may appear to be chock full of innovation, company valuations aren't everything they seem to be.

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Color ‘hack’ allows users to spy on anyone from anywhere

Critics of the much-talked-about new photo-sharing app Color can add another bickering point to the pot: A simple GPS "spoof" allows for spying on any Color user's photos.

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Hands on with Color, the social app of the moment

Our hands-on impressions of the much-hyped social app that promises to invade your privacy and revolutionize geo-social platforms.

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‘Lame’ Color photo-sharing app to address user complaints with update next week

Color, a new mobile app that shares users' photos with any other nearby user, has been pounded by bad reviews in the first 24 hours after its release. But the company is listening, and says an update to address the complaints is on its way.

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Color photo-sharing app takes social networking to an amazing, terrifying new place

Forget privacy — the newly released social networking app Color for iPhone and Android devices shares your pictures with anyone within 150 feet.

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Case Scenario Pantone color cases for iPhone 4 and iPad

Signature Pantone colors come to Apple products with these cases for iPhone 4 and iPad.


The Colour Clock represents time in hexadecimal color

This Web clock and screensaver called The Colour Clock represents the time with a corresponding hexadecimal color.


NEC Sharpens Up With 24-Inch Pro LCD Displays

Sure, sometimes a pixel is just a pixel, but graphics pros know color accuracy and calibration is all-important...and NEC is there to help with two new 24-inch displays.