Third time’s a charm? Color tries to corner social video again by partnering with Verizon

The famously over-funded Color won't go quietly into the night: After a so-so relaunch, the social video app will partner with Verizon to upgrade video quietly and natively integrate with some Android handsets.

Edible Pantone color swatches make choosing paint shades much more delicious

In the name of interior design, should you follow your taste buds to help with envisioning a room? With these edible Pantone color swatches, it's certainly hard not to.
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Say hello to seamless, location-aware apps: Is this the end of the check-in?

Has the check-in become too much work? Location apps are beginning to leverage the power of your smartphone to automatically curate and share your geo-social activity.
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Facebook users can share more activities with friends via 60 new apps

With more users turning to Facebook to find out what their friends are currently up to, the social network is making it simpler to share actions and get friends to join in.
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Here comes the Color relaunch

The former social network wannabe scales back and attacks the status update with a video-focused sharing tool.
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Sceptre’s new 24 series LED TVs are colorful, thin, ripe for the holidays

Sceptre's colorful new line of 1080p LED TVs come just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Color picking up the pieces and using its technology to launch exclusive Facebook app Blue

The team behind the impressive yet unsuccessful app Color tries again with Blue, which is rumored to be announced at today's f8 event.

Report: Europe VC scene catching up to US

A new report argues that European venture capitalism in closing in and possibly overtaking the US.
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Google’s Photovine website goes live, remains a mystery

The website for Google's Photovine service has officially launched. But we still know next to nothing about what it is.
Android Army

Finding a photo-sharing platform for you

Your photo-sharing app options are nearly endless. Here's our brief guide to help you find the one that fits your phone's needs.

Where did Color go wrong?

Was it too much too soon or just a flawed concept? Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Whatever the cause, photo-sharing app Color loses a co-founder and continues to flounder.

Facebook’s secret iPhone photo-sharing app leaked

A trove of leaked data shows that Facebook has a photo-sharing iPhone app in the works. And it reportedly looks "awesome."