International Space Station
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NASA is about to inflate the space station’s first-ever expandable room

The International Space Station is about to get some new floorspace. On Wednesday NASA will inflate the station's first ever expandable room as part of a two-year trial that could lead to the living pods being used in future human missions…

18 years and 2.8 billion miles later, the ISS celebrates its 100,000th orbit with an incredible sunrise time-lapse

To celebrate 100,000 orbits around Earth from the International Space Station, U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams shared an incredible time-lapse video showing the sun rising above Earth.
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Astronaut Tim Peake just ran the London Marathon – in space

Despite a complex harness system that threatened severe chafing, astronaut Tim Peake successfully completed the London Marathon from the confines of the International Space Station on Sunday, helped along the way by the RunSocial…
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Researchers use fungi to develop space drugs on International Space Station

Fungi are known for their ability to create natural products with medicinal properties. This capability is going to be tested on the International Space Station in an upcoming space drug experiment.
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NASA is sending a special zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station today

NASA is sending a new version of Made In Space's 3D printer to the International Space Station today, on a scheduled launch of the Cygnus spacecraft. The printing facility will be made available to Earth-bound scientists who want to test…
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HoloLens goes to the International Space Station in new video from NASA

After two HoloLens units were reportedly destroyed in a SpaceX explosion last year, the mixed-reality headset has finally made its way to the final frontier -- and with video evidence from NASA!
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NASA’s ‘Robonaut’ bot is losing its sight, but maybe you can help

Robonaut 2, NASA's ISS-based robot-astronaut, is losing its sight. As a result, the space agency is calling on coders to create new algorithms to help it improve its vision, and it's offering $10,000 in prizes for the best work.
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NASA wants to install extra airlock space on the ISS, then lease it to private companies

The commercialization of space is gaining steam and a company from Texas says it wants to manufacture and attach a dedicated commercial airlock to the ISS. NASA's currently running integration testing on the proposed module.
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Receiver of astronaut’s wrong-number call thought it was a sloshed partygoer

It's emerged that the recipient of a wrong-number call from ISS astronaut Tim Peake on Christmas Eve was 79-year-old Brit Betty Barker. The senior said she put the phone straight down because she thought it was a prank call from a sloshed…
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‘Hello, is this planet Earth?’ Astronaut Tim Peake calls wrong number from space

A woman on Earth received a surprise call from space on Christmas Day. The call came from recent ISS-arrival Tim Peake, who took to Twitter to apologize for his wrong-number blunder.
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British astronaut Tim Peake says he plans to run the 2016 London Marathon … in space 3:59

Despite residing nearly 250 miles above the surface of the Earth, British astronaut Tim Peake says he plans to run next April's 2016 London Marathon while aboard the International Space Station.
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Microsoft is sending its HoloLens to the ISS so astronauts can use augmented reality

NASA teamed up with Microsoft to send its HoloLens technology to the International Space Station in an effort to make space work easier to manage. With the tech, teams on the ground can work right alongside those aboard the ISS.