International Space Station
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Ever wanted to see what hurricanes look like from outer space? Here's your chance

Known for capturing some pretty spectacular moments both on and off our planet, the International Space Station captured and posted footage on Tuesday of a time lapse of three different hurricanes.
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This startup is launching a 360 cam into space so we can see Earth in VR

SpaceVR wants to bring the universe to your living room and is one step closer to this goal, having signed an agreement with investor and partner NanoRacks to launch its first virtual reality camera satellite in 2017.
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You’ve been invited to design a 3D-printed tool for the International Space Station

Have you dreamed of designing a 3D-printed tool for use on the International Space Station? Here is your chance. The ISS Design Challenge asks makers to develop an object that will be printed on the ISS and used by its astronauts.
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NASA turns to SpaceX once again for its latest crew mission to ISS

NASA is slowly but surely declaring its independence from Russia when it comes to shuttling astronauts to the International Space Station. On Friday, the agency noted that it had ordered a second SpaceX crew mission to the ISS.
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Wildlife reasearchers just turned the ISS into a space-based animal tracker

Wildlife biologists' new tool for tracking animals is literally out of this world. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology will use the International Space Station to track thousands of migratory animals in real time.
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Lovely day for a landing: ISS astronaut trio return to Earth

Following a 186-day stay aboard the International Space Station, three astronauts returned safety to Earth in the Soyuz TMA-19M capsule on Saturday, with NASA photographer Bill Ingalls capturing some stunning shots of their return.
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Watch astronaut Tim Peake explain why somersaults in the ISS don't make you dizzy

“On the ground the brain takes cues both from the motion of fluid in our inner ear, which is affected by our motion and by gravity, as well as from our vision to determine our position and motion.”
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Astronauts take us inside the space station’s new inflatable room for the first time

It's called an inflatable "room," but banish from your mind any thoughts of five-star luxury. The BEAM living pod is really a test module to see how the habitation system functions in space, and on Monday we took a look inside for…

Space station astronaut shows off camera kit behind stunning Earth shots

Tim Peake has been posting some stunning shots of Earth since he arrived on the International Space Station back in December. In response to an often asked question, the astronaut recently showed off the kit he uses to grab the amazing…
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Pumped up: NASA has just expanded the space station’s first inflatable room

Following Thursday's failed effort, NASA had another go on Saturday at expanding the International Space Station's first-ever inflatable room. The good news is that this time everything went pretty much according to plan.
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NASA has a big problem with its inflatable space room

NASA's first-ever expandable space habitat has a bit of a problem – it won't inflate. Thursday's debut attempt to get air into the module failed to go according to plan, leaving engineers to ponder the problem overnight. An…
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NASA is about to inflate the space station’s first-ever expandable room

The International Space Station is about to get some new floorspace. On Wednesday NASA will inflate the station's first ever expandable room as part of a two-year trial that could lead to the living pods being used in future human missions…