International Space Station
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The International Space Station just turned 15 years old

Fifteen years ago, the iPhone didn't exist, YouTube hadn't come around, and Justin Bieber was just another 6-year-old in Canada. But the International Space Station was already in orbit.
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Revolutionary skin-tight spacesuit is designed to mimic the effects of gravity on the body

To help combat the effects of microgravity on astronauts, Dr. James Waldie developed a skintight spacesuit capable of mimicking the effects of gravity on Earth. The revolutionary suit recently underwent testing aboard the ISS.
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A humanoid robot may soon be the first permanent resident on the ISS

A team of researchers in France just completed work on a robot with an autobiographical memory, and it may soon be a permanent member of the ISS.

Microsoft will send HoloLens to space again, hopes the rocket won’t blow up this time

HoloLens is a radical piece of tech that will potentially shift the way we think about augmented reality. It's different from what everyone else seems to be doing with VR, and apparently even NASA sees value in that.
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What does whisky aged in space taste like? Really different, says Ardbeg distillery 6:35

Back in 2011, Ardbeg Whisky boldly went where no whisky had gone before -- into space. And now, the verdict is finally in on the difference in taste that results from whisky that was aged in space versus that which was aged on…
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Get buzzed in space with this whiskey, newly sent over to the International Space Station

For whisky that is truly out of this world, look no further than Japan’s Suntory label, which has decided to send its liquor off the planet and onto the International Space Station.
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Need an adhesive in outer space? Look to the gecko

In NASA’s quest to build robots capable of scaling the walls of the International Space Station, scientists are taking inspiration from gecko feet in developing a “gecko gripper” system that will take adhesion to the next level.
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ISS astronauts will eat lettuce today, and they’re really excited about it

It's possibly the most exciting lettuce there's ever been, for today the red romaine leaves aboard the ISS will become the first foodstuff to be grown, harvested, and eaten in space. Hopefully there'll be some carbs to go with it…
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Japanese scientists are sending whiskey up to space so it can age in zero gravity

Since aging whiskey on Earth is obviously a thing of the past, the Japanese distillery Suntory says it will send five bottles of its whiskey to age in space.
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After several failed supply missions, the ISS crew finally gets some goodies

A SpaceX rocket taking supplies to the ISS exploded after liftoff last week, while another mission by the Russians ended in failure in April. On Sunday, however, it was third time lucky, with the Progress 60 cargo craft able to complete its…
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Check out these incredibly detailed videos of Earth shot from the ISS

A satellite imagery company has just released some incredibly detailed video footage of several cities, shot from the International Space Station. Urthecast is competing with several other companies to offer services based around…

NASA beams down duet of video firsts from the ISS in outer space

NASA utilizes a laser instrument to transmit the first HD video from space, while astronaut Reid Wiseman becomes the first to capture a Vine from space. Check out these two video "firsts," and Wiseman's fantastic images.