International Space Station

NASA beams down duet of video firsts from the ISS in outer space

NASA utilizes a laser instrument to transmit the first HD video from space, while astronaut Reid Wiseman becomes the first to capture a Vine from space. Check out these two video "firsts," and Wiseman's fantastic images.


Space station’s Robonaut takes delivery of legs

The ISS's resident robot, Robonaut, is limited in its activities on the habitable satellite due to its lack of legs. That's about to change, however, as the space station has just taken delivery of a pair of robotic limbs designed especially for the robot.

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Astronaut Instagrams first selfie from space

On April 8, astronaut Steven Swanson made history by becoming the first person to post on Instagram, from outer space. That photo? A selfie, naturally. Swanson is currently residing at the International Space Station.


NASA to equip Robonaut with (very long) legs in 2014 upgrade

Robonaut, the humanoid helping out astronauts on board the International Space Station, is about to get fixed up with a pair of legs. Besides making him eight-feet tall, the new pins will finally enable him to break free from his fixed pedestal.

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To boldly go where no social media fan has gone before (and then post selfies about it)

A NASA rocket launch used to be the stuff of hard-hitting science journalism, but in an era when the agency's social media division heads up some of its most successful missions, that's changing in weird and wonderful ways.

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Kirobo, the world’s first talking ‘robot astronaut’, heads for International Space Station

Kirobo, the world's first talking 'robot astronaut', is heading for the ISS after blasting off from Japan on Sunday. The knee-high android is set to conduct the first ever space-based communication experiments between a robot and a human.

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Boeing shows off interior of next-gen space capsule

Boeing has opened the hatch to the interior of its next-generation space capsule, the CST-100, set to transport astronauts to the International Space Station within the next 10 years.

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ISS video on how to wash your hair in space proves hit with YouTube users

In case you were wondering how astronauts wash their hair in space (it was keeping you awake at night, right?), ISS-based Karen Nyberg has helpfully posted a video on YouTube explaining everything.


YouTube star, Twitter celebrity, Web sensation (and astronaut) Chris Hadfield retires from space agency

Chris Hadfield, the astronaut who became a YouTube star, Twitter celebrity, and all-round Internet sensation while on board the ISS this year, has announced he'll be retiring from the Canadian Space Agency next month. He will be missed.


International Space Station incorporating more Linux computers [Updated]

The United Space Alliance, which manages all the computers on-board the ISS, taps Debian 6 as the go-to platform for the station. The OS offers the astronauts flexibility, and more protection from cyber-attacks.


Faulty capsule makes it to the International Space Station despite early troubles

Things looked initially troublesome for the latest SpaceX mission this weekend, but by Sunday the private company's Dragon capsule was delivering groceries to the International Space Station as planned (if a little delayed).

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ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield tweets stunning photos and records live music ahead of Google+ Hangout

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is a busy man. The ISS commander has been tweeting a stream of spectacular images from 240 miles above Earth, recording live music with Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson, posting audio files on SoundCloud and chatting…


NASA invites your questions for its first ever live Google+ Hangout with space station astronauts

Astronauts on board the International Space Station are gearing up to host a Google+ Hangout on February 22. Those interested are invited to submit video questions via YouTube before February 12.


Moon bounce 2.0: NASA announces plans for tests of inflatable space station expansion

The future of space stations may be inflatable, as NASA announces long-term testing of a module addition to the International Space Station that can be blown up in orbit.

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Kibo the humanoid robot to keep ISS-based astronauts company from next year

Astronauts on board the International Space Station are to get a humanoid buddy from next year. But you'll have to speak Japanese to have a conversation with it as that's currently the only language it understands.

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