iPod shuffle

At last! This gadget lets you play streamed music without your phone

The days of downloading tracks from iTunes are fading into distant memory. Check out this little iPod Shuffle-looking device that stores and streams your Spotify songs and playlists for easy Spotify music listening on the go.

No Apple Music for the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle

If you were hoping to get your Apple Music tracks on one of the new Nano or Shuffle devices released by Apple, bad luck: it's been confirmed you can't sync offline songs to the smaller players.

Apple ditches black color scheme across iPod range, replaces it with new Space Gray

Following the introduction of the Space Gray iPhone 5S, Apple has also added the new color to the iPod range, specifically the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle.

Move over iPod Shuffle: Here comes Samsung’s Galaxy Muse MP3 player

Samsung has just launched its $50 Galaxy Muse MP3 player, an accessory to its existing line of Galaxy smartphones.

Apple launches new iPod ad, lots of colors and bouncing

Apple unveiled a snappy new ad for its refreshed iPod devices on Wednesday highlighting the range of colors on offer.

Will new iPods join the iPhone at Apple’s September 12 event?

Apple may reveal a range of new iPods at its event on September 12, and given the amount if iPhone leaks, they could be the only surprise.

Cord-free headphones integrate Apple’s iPod Shuffle into design

For those who like to stay active, these cord-free headphones combine your iPod shuffle and a pair of workout headphones in one sleek package -- no cords.

Apple files patent for iPod Shuffle-like device with built-in loudspeaker

Apple has filed a patent application for a device that looks nearly identical to an iPod Shuffle, but which contains a built-in speaker.

Apple may kill iPod shuffle, iPod classic

Rumor has it that Apple may discontinue production of the iPod shuffle and the iPod classic.
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Spotify music download service launches in Europe with iPod support, free playlist syncing

Swedish music streaming service Spotify launches a major update, adding music downloads, free wireless playlist sync for mobile apps and support for iPod device management.

Apple Announces New iPods, iTunes 10, iOS 4.1, and a New Apple TV

Apple has announced iTunes 10 (with a social network called "Ping") along with new iPods, iOS 4.1, a preview of iOS 4.2, a tiny new Apple TV. And Coldplay's Chris Martin played the gig.