Ping lets you leave virtual sticky notes for houseguests

Ping, "guidance for your shared home," comes from Royal College of Art graduate Kristian Knobloch, and is meant for Airbnb hosts to give their guests extra information about their new living quarters by way of a "digital guide…

Ping helps iPhone email feel more like text messaging

We try out Ping, the latest attempt to reinvent email. This time, it's focusing on mobile, and its innovative method of categorizing messages and conversational message style means it comes pretty close to managing it.

Apple officially says goodbye to its iTunes social service Ping and gets ready for Facebook integration

Apple's Ping has finally been shut down and the door opened for iTunes 11 and its Facebook integration.

No surprise here, Ping is shutting down on September 30

Tim Cook hinted that Ping was failing and a third-party social media integration was something Apple was open to. Apple is following through and shutting down Ping on September 30.

Report: Apple’s Ping dead with next iOS update

Apple's attempt at building a social network via iTunes, Ping, hasn't set the world on fire - and it may be about to pay the ultimate price as a result. Anonymous sources are reporting that Apple will remove the service with the next iOS…

iCloud refresh: Does Apple need to compete with social media?

Reports have Apple preparing photo and video sharing for its iCloud users, but critics already complain Apple can't compete with social media like Facebook and Instagram. But is Apple even trying to compete?

Facebook and Apple go head-to-head over social-mobile tech?

A new patent from Apple revealing geo-social networking software and a few leaked Facebook mobile projects suggest the two industry titans may be edging in on one another's territory.
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Why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook for iOS 5?

Apple is ready to integrate a big name social network into its new OS - just as long as it's not Facebook.

Apple brings social playlists to iTunes’ Ping

Apple's Ping music social networking service is still struggling for relevance...but now it has social playlists.

Apple plans big surprise for iTunes on Tuesday

Apple is teasing a major iTunes announcement for Tuesday, with rumors ranging from the launch of a streaming subscription music service to the first Apple TV apps.

Ping and Twitter officially integrate

Users of Apple's new social network, Ping, will now be able to broadcast their music reviews and links to iTunes tracks directly through a new agreement, but Facebook remains an elusive partner for Apple.

Zuckerberg and Jobs talk Ping and Facebook over dinner

Apple founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg met up for dinner at Jobs house a couple weeks ago to discuss Facebook's role in Ping.