Washi Film is 35mm film that captures a positive image directly on handcrafted paper

"Made for centuries in Japan, this paper combines just the right physical properties with a unique aesthetic," says Film Washi, adding, "[it’s] strong, flexible, and transparent […] the ideal medium for creating a handcrafted…

Penthouse Magazine ends its print days, will now be only digital

The Internet has just claimed another casualty, and it's a surprising one. After five decades, Penthouse Magazine is shuttering its print edition, because why buy in print when you can read (alright, look) online?

Conductive ink ushers in the next generation of wearable technology

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a new conductive ink that would allow electronics to be printed on stretchable fabrics, which means that printing a conductive shirt might be as easy as screen printing a design.

Newsweek: A year after abandoning print, presses to roll once again

With readership numbers and advertising revenue dwindling for most print magazines and newspapers, it's no wonder more and more are becoming online-only publications. Newsweek ended its print edition last year, or at least we thought it…

Newsweek tweets cover of its final print edition as it dives into digital age

For Newsweek, the future is digital. After nearly 80 years, the print edition of the venerable news magazine is rolling off the presses for the last time. The final cover was tweeted by Newsweek on Sunday just prior to it hitting…

Starving artists can sell their Instagram photos on Instacanvas

Instacanvas will turn your Instagram photos into sellable wall art with a free online gallery space and 20 percent commission.

Google Shutting Down Print Ads

Internet giant Google has announced it will shut down its Print Ads operation, which let online advertisers buy newspaper ads just like Web advertising.

HP To Stop Making Digital Cameras

HP will find another manufacturer to license the brand as it focuses on Print 2.0 instead.

Google Starts Selling Newpaper Print Ads

Google has expanded its Print Ads program, enabling Google AdWords customers to put adds in 225 U.S. print newspapers.

Google Testing Print Ads Service

Google has fired up a three-month test of a new Print Ads service, whereby Google advertising customers can buy ads in daily print newspapers.

Google Print Book Search Debuts

Google has launched a beta version of Google Print, enabling users to search the complete contents of public domain documents and some copyrighted material.

Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 962

Dell today announced several new printers as well as a WiFi enabled adapter to give your printer wireless access to your network.