Zune HD

This time, Zune is actually dead

After some back and forth, Microsoft might actually stick to its guns and discontinue the Zune.

Microsoft backpeddles, says Zune is still alive

Microsoft may have confirmed that the Zune HD was dead yesterday, but it's completely denying the device is dead today.
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Microsoft officially kills the Zune HD

Microsoft has finally confirmed what we've known for a while: the Zune HD is dead.

Microsoft slashes Zune HD pricing, whispers of extinction grow louder

The bad news: It doesn't look like Microsoft has future plans for Zune hardware. The good news: The resulting surplus means it's more affordable than ever.

Farewell, Zune: Microsoft will discontinue its iPod rival

After defending the questioned longevity of its media player, a Microsoft source admits the Zune is on its way out.
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Microsoft: “Zune is not dead”

Rumors of the Zune brand's demise are greatly exaggerated, according to Microsoft. And to prove it, the Zune HD is finally on sale in Canada.

Is Microsoft killing off the Zune?

As Microsoft fails to mention the Zune, suspicions surrounding the future of the popular iPod competitor have started to crop up.
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Microsoft Launching 64 GB Zune HD on April 12

Microsoft will offer a 64 GB Zune HD for $349.99 starting April 12, and existing 16 and 32 GB models will drop to $199.99 and $269.99.

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Zune HD Prices Dip Even Further Below iPods

Microsoft has lowered prices on its Zune HD line, with the 16 GB Zune HD now priced $10 less than the 8 GB iPod touch...and offering twice the storage.

Zune HD: Ready For War

Zune HD: Ready For War – While the sun never seems to set on Apple’s MP3 player empire, a new challenger named Zune HD has come forward and the sleeping giant known as Microsoft has woken to a new quest. The Zune HD has come a long…

Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch

We pit both corporate offspring against each other to see which reigns supreme when the cards fall.