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Sony's PS4 Neo will game in glorious 4K with dozens of supported titles

Sony is working on a new console, but it's not the PlayStation 5. The new device, now dubbed the PlayStation 4 Pro, is a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. Here's everything we know thus far, from the specifications to the price.

50 awesome iPhone games you need to play

The iPhone has some of the best games available for any mobile platform. Here are our favorite games for every big-name genre, whether you're into sports, puzzles, strategy, or something else entirely.



Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which service is the streaming king?

Apple Music is giving Spotify a run for its money, but which service is best for you? We compare and contrast all we know about the two streaming music services to help you make the best decision.

Apple October 27 MacBook Event

At long last, Apple is set to introduce a major revision of its Mac line – with the MacBook Pro taking the lead. Rumors lead us to expect an innovative OLED function bar, support for USB Type-C, and an update to the latest Intel 7th-Gen…

DT Giveaway: 6 pairs of Thinksound headphones!

Thinksound combines classy wood designs with well engineered sound at prices that are always shockingly reasonable -- but we still thought "free" sounded better, so we're giving six pairs away!
Social Media

How to run a free background check

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for carrying out a background check, and not all of them are creepy. Here are several methods that allow you to run thorough background check on someone online, whether you need to vet a potential hire…

100 awesome Android apps that will turn your phone into a jack of all trades

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are 100 apps we're certain you'll use every day. We've got apps for every category, whether you're into music, photo editing, or the ins and outs of financing.
Virtual Reality

Spec Comparison: Does the Rift’s Touch update make it a true Vive competitor?

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the two big names in the virtual-reality arena. Both are expensive headsets, so most people can only afford one. Our spec comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.

100 awesome iPhone apps for 2016

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and we want to bring out the best in yours. Our comprehensive, category-by-category, list of the best iPhone apps available, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t…

How to convert a PDF to a JPG for easy viewing on any device

Converting file formats can be an absolute pain, but it doesn't have to be. We've put together a few options for converting PDFs to JPGs – no matter what the OS you're using.

Back up your iPhone to your computer with these 6 iTunes alternatives

Living in fear of losing your contacts, photos, messages, and notes on your iPhone? Fear no more! These simple backup tools are designed to save your device from unforseen mayhem and data destruction.