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New Apex Legends character called Revenant teased in developer tweet

Alex Graner

At the start of Season 3, Apex Legends saw the debut of Crypto and a completely new map. Now it appears another new character by the name of Revenant is already on the way, based on a tweet from a Respawn developer working on level design for the game.

Spotted by GamesRadar, the tweet includes images that focus on a section of a map called Octane’s Gauntlet, which serves as a stunt course for the character Octane. A champion banner is visible in one of the images, and it appears to show Revenant, who has also appeared in a previous leak.

In the previous leak, a slew of new characters are shown in development. Previously released Crypto is part of the group, along with Loba, Rampart, Valk, Blisk, Downfall, and two that are listed as “TBD.”

Clearer image.

— That1MiningGuy (@That1MiningGuy) October 6, 2019

Revenant shows all signs of being a robot like Pathfinder, though he doesn’t seem to share the same cheery disposition as the endearing droid. While some may speculate that we’re simply seeing an upcoming skin for Pathfinder, we’d expect to see Pathfinder’s grapple somewhere in the image.

The biggest hint comes in the form of the upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event this year. It’s rumored that the character suspected to be involved in the event will be Revenant. This makes the skull-like appearance seen on Revenant’s face all the more fitting. And it doesn’t hurt that we’ve seen Revenant leaked before.

The Halloween event’s Shadowfall mode will take players back to a reimagined King’s Canyon, the game’s first map, and start off with a standard battle royale. Players who have died will respawn onto a “Shadow Squad,” more or less becoming zombies with increased speed and melee attacks. The last 10 surviving players will try to escape the Shadow Squad.

EA has shown off plenty of details for the Halloween “Fight or Fright” event, but made no mention of Revenant. It’s entirely possible that the new character will make its debut during the event, which runs from October 15 to November 5, but not enter the game as a playable Legend until the end of the event.

Of course, we’re also still waiting for Titanfall 2 antagonist Blisk to enter the game.

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