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Apex Legends may celebrate Halloween with new zombie-infested map

Apex Legends is celebrating its first Halloween this year — and it looks like developer Respawn Entertainment is going all out with a new map and new skins for each character.

Respawn accidentally uploaded a badge for the Fight or Fright event in the battle royale shooter’s loadout screen, confirming its Halloween plans. Dataminer Shrugtal, meanwhile, discovered much more information.

The event will feature a new map named Shadowfall, which is a reskinned, nighttime version of the King’s Canyon map.

Loadscreen – Abandoned Night King's Canyon

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) October 3, 2019

Shadowfall is more than just a cosmetic change, though. The new map will reportedly start off as free-for-all Solo matches, but when players die, they are reborn on the Shadow Squad, returning from the dead with faster movement and brutal melee attacks — so, as zombies. The match will continue until there are only 10 living players remaining, and at that point, they will have to work together and hold off the zombie players until a dropship arrives to rescue them.

Adding to the creepiness of Shadowfall: Zombies and spiders will crawl out of some loot containers when they are opened.

The datamined information reveals that Shadowfall will be hosted by a mysterious figure named Revenant, which has previously been leaked as an upcoming character in Apex Legends. Respawn may be teasing Revenant in the Halloween event, and add the character to the roster at a later date.

Adding to Shrugtal’s discoveries is fellow dataminer That1MiningGuy, who found skins for every character in the game, including for the newest addition, Crypto. Some of the new skins are shown below.

Bloodhounds looks pretty dope tho.

— That1MiningGuy (@That1MiningGuy) October 1, 2019

Wattson has one too

— That1MiningGuy (@That1MiningGuy) October 2, 2019

This guy…

— That1MiningGuy (@That1MiningGuy) October 1, 2019

Apex Legends has just started Season 3: Meltdown, which takes players to a new map named World’s Edge. It features fire and ice elements, a moving train, and a geyser that shoots players into the air. The new season also introduces a new battle pass that offers new skins and rewards, as well as the Charge Rifle, a new weapon that originates from the Titanfall universe.

Players who have started missing King’s Canyon, meanwhile, will just have to wait for Respawn’s official announcement for the Fight or Fright event, which should come soon as Halloween is just a few weeks away.

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