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jargon Myq Kaplan

A show about words that trip you up.

tech for change original series feature image

A look at the companies and people fighting to make a difference.

experts from the dt staff to discuss all things tech 1edf508e 3956 47db b715 6084a8300cbc

Experts from the DT Staff to discuss all things tech

watch live as we discuss the biggest trending stories in tech dt greg nibler original series

Tech moves too fast to watch last week’s news.

vanmoof says its bike is impossible to steal we stole it vanmoofbike 1

We were wrong. VanMoof ebikes aren’t that easy to steal. Here’s what happened

Earlier this week, Digital Trends ran a story about the VanMoof S2 ebike entitled “This $3,000 ebike is allegedly impossible to steal. We stole it in 60 seconds.” Digital Trends is retracting our original story after an extensive editorial review in which we were unable to replicate the claims made by a third party.
best gifts for college students backtoschool giftguide featured img nocopy 2x  2

Conquer the chaos of campus life with this handy back to school gear

esight electronic glasses powered by qualcomm technologies featured img2x

eSight Electronic Glasses powered by Qualcomm Technologies

casper element original hybrid mattress deals amazon memorial day sale sleep queen 2020

The best apps for better sleep

Prime Day Deals 2019

Prime Day Deals 2019 Amazon’s Already Announced

best games of e3 awards 2019 feature

Digital Trends Best of E3 2019 Award Winners

At Digital Trends, we wanted to honor the best games of E3 2019 in a way that made the people who worked hard on them feel special, acknowledging the incredible amount of work that goes into them.
take photos like a pro with the honor 7x safe image  1

Take photos like a pro with the Honor 7X

what can your headphones do safe image

What can your headphones do?

is your phone powered by a dragon qualcomm snapdragon socialmaven

Is your phone powered by a dragon?

qualcomm snapdragon lte modems

Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE Modems

my essential tech

My Essential Tech

in real life canon eos80d feature

In Real Life

picture this emily wide image

Picture This

Digital Trend's new show, Jargon, hosted by Myq Kaplan

Digital Trends Live Announces New Tuesday Show ‘Jargon’ in Partnership With LinkedIn

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, is expanding their live channel again with a new Tuesday show called Jargon. The show will examine the technical and sometimes absurd insider terminology that makes different industries distinct.
giveaway outpost los angeles vip badges

You could win a VIP pass to Outpost Los Angeles, a cultural festival in L.A.

Digital Trends is teaming up with Outpost to give readers a chance to attend Outpost Los Angeles, a cultural festival happening in downtown Los Angeles June 1. There will be panels, workshops, and even musical performance at the lush Rolling Greens, so read on to find out how you could win a VIP badge.
Digital Trends wins Digiday Content Marketing Award

Digital Trends Wins Digiday Content Marketing Award for Collaboration With HouseSpecial

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, has been honored with the Digiday Content Marketing Award for Best Agency/Client Collaboration. The award is for last year’s annual Holiday Gift Guide, for which Digital Trends teamed up with animation studio HouseSpecial to tell the story of holiday giving through scenes in playful miniature.
A person accessing Gmail via their phone and laptop.

New marketing platform PushSend offers a unified platform for small businesses

If you're a small business trying to get off the ground, or a larger business trying to expand your reach, effective marketing is essential. A new platform called PushSend offers businesses an all-in-one service for marketing campaigns, with support for email campaigns, landing pages, and more.

Digital Trends is hiring! Come write about tech for the way we live

Digital Trends is hiring! We're currently seeking professional freelance writers with expertise in smart homes, home theater, and computers, as well as a number of generalists to work on features and guides. Writers will help demystify, explain, and break down technology for a mainstream audience.
digital trends shortlisted for two digiday content marketing awards 2019 page

Digital Trends Shortlisted For Two Digiday Content Marketing Awards

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, has been named as a finalist for the Digiday Content Marketing Awards. Digiday has acknowledged Digital Trends in two categories: Best Agency/Client Collaboration, and Most Effective/Measurable Campaign.
digital trends welcomes tony patel as new vp of programmatic press

Digital Trends Welcomes Tony Patel as New VP of Programmatic

Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, announces the addition of Tony Patel as their new Vice President of Programmatic. Patel, who’s managed yield optimization for such brands as Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo! will lead significant expansions in Digital Trends’ programmatic advertising offerings.
qualcomm snapdragon 5g devices mwc 2019 5gdevicesmwc featured img 2x

5G devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon at MWC

walmart xerox phaser laser printer deal 6022

Save $130 on this speedy color laser printer from Xerox

Amazon is currently selling the Xerox Phaser 6022 printer for just $149, a full $130 off of the regular retail price for a savings of about 47 percent. The non-nonsense color laser printer is perfect for the small or medium office, where its 18 ppm speed can keep up with the day's demands.
vw 4motion all season driving featured img 2x

Think AWD is just for winter? Volkswagen’s 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive is good year-round

best of mwc 2019 awards featured img2x

Best of MWC 2019 Award Winners

We found the best and brightest Barcelona could bring to MWC 2019. Without further ado, here are our award winners, the best of the show.
best of ces 2019 awards feature

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2019 Award Winners

CES 2019 brought the usual barrage of mega TVs, self-driving cars, and insanely fast computers, but it also surprised & delighted with many products that are close to going on sale. So while not every pick for our Best of CES 2019 is destined for a Best Buy near you, here's our picks for Best of CES
skyvalet smart luggage

Smart luggage does it all with wireless charger, built-in scale, GPS tracking

The SkyValet smart luggage, currently being funded on Kickstarter, offers solutions to many common travel struggles. With SkyValet, you no longer need separate portable chargers for different devices, a scale to weigh your bag, a lock, or a tracking device. It's all built right in to the luggage.
sphero unveils specdrums at ces 2019 spechr 8293

Sphero’s Specdrums let you drum up a symphony of sound with colors

Sphero, the company best known for bringing licensed Star Wars robots to the masses, is venturing into a new segment of consumer tech with its latest product, Specdrums. The Bluetooth-enabled rings allow you to harness a medley of sounds from surrounding surfaces and colors.
A broken Bitcoin over a grey background.

Are Bitcoins the new Beanie Babies, or is there hope in 2019?

Bitcoin skyrocketed in value from less than a penny in 2010 to nearly $20,000 in late 2017. Then it spent 2018 in a freefall crash. So, what happened? Is it dead? Can Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies survive in 2019? Government backing may be the key to their resurgence.
brighten up holiday spirits with lg oled buying guide feature

LG OLED Buying Guide

pepper the robot new york city bank

How A.I. will change your world in 2019, for better or worse

From a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives, artificial intelligence is everywhere. You probably don't see AI at work, and that's by design. AI is changing everything. But do we want it to?